Demystifying Mental Illness from the Perspective of a Survivor

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Jonathan Harnisch on the Internet Movie Database:


Jonathan Harnisch [Fat Man Media]

Demo Reel (F@#king Wonderland/I am Jonathan [Trailer])

A never-been-done before study of psychosis and schizoaffective disorder as Jonathan Harnisch saw it through his own ‘schizophrenic lens’ from 2009 to 2010. Previously entitled ‘F@#king Wonderland,’ ‘I am Jonathan‘ is an educational and inspiring film documentary.

Video URL:

Demo Reel (On the Bus [Trailer])

On the Bus is a psychological thriller about the experiences of Larry (played by Mark Schrier), a mentally disturbed man, who rides a bus and bothers passengers based on recent circumstances in his life. The film has a surprise ending that startles the audience, but ties the fragmented story together in a dramatic conclusion.

Video URL:

Demo Reel (Wax [Trailer])

George storms into a wax museum. The museum comes alive. Moods turn steamy as different fantasies come into play. A sobering sense of the inevitable begins to creep in.

Video URL:
-J. Harnisch

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