Stand Up Comedy

Adult Content Warning


“Dinner with Satan”

Prolific! LOL with Anger and Elation! Shockingly Hysterical!

As you might already know, I have a built in audience for many very different sides, or facets of me, and thus my art, and what I “produce.” There’s the inspirationalZenNew Age, and strictly positive and mindful facet of Jonathan Harnisch.

Then I record inspirational, sometimes educational material on The Real Me podcast and it’s still all genuine.

My Schizophrenic & Caregiver music is a mix of spoken word, comedic and then hard-core hip-hop rap music even love ballads.

The “I am Jonathan” film documentary is known to be a fully honest and “deeply inside” my psychosis, even sexual obsession, and by trade, I am technically a published and professional writer of transgressive fiction and erotic literature.

I am currently working on an honest and raw (unedited)–the actual diaries of one year of my life–in 2005, as I was going through a ton of debilitating issues as my schizophrenia and “breakdown” was exacerbated perhaps more than ever.

As I open up, into this redefinition of my identity and reality, recently I was sleep deprived. I turned on the microphone and recorded some material because many people over the years have called me a “natural comedian,” yet my humor is often brutally “in your face”, adult content–taking a real chance of being booed at, as I literally–and yes, it is an act, a routine–but I do poke major fun at my own real schizophrenia, Tourette’s and even trauma and abuse.

This premise to this routine is merely a reflection as if to say “about” my “deciding to ‘try out’ comedy because I fit so many stereotypes, therefore I have ‘full range’ of material I can use… So is it a whim? Another whim?”

The other day I performed the routine in front of a small audience of friends and others, mostly in their 20s and big fans of such raw and “out there” comedians as Louis CK, and Lewis Black, even Chris Rock, and Lisa Lampanelli. So I gave it a shot and my small live audience was, to my  surprise, “blown away” as I had not even been thinking about publishing this half-hour clip; they said “No, Jonathan, it totally works. It is comedy, and so many other comedians say ‘worse’ things than I did,” that I should definitely publish online.

With reservation, I am now publishing this.

My intent is not to offend others, and the fact is I do have schizophrenia, and the other issues in my life which I poke fun at, bordering on inappropriate, but that is what comedy is about, or can be about–I post this audio clip because of those I trust having strongly suggesting that I should express this.

Some will ‘get it’ and some will not.

To just do it and lose any fear.

So, with an adult content warning, for sure, and like some of my fiction, this will be perhaps enjoyed, but by a very small audience, a very special few, those who in fact might get the whole “Angel-Demon-Human” dichotomy of ‘All About Jonathan’ — my world, all the facets and parts and moods I live through, day in and day out.

For me, this is one of my ways of coping, though perhaps, “extremely warped, ‘out there’ and controversial,” with my adversity by in fact making fun of it.

Thank you for understanding.

-Jonathan Harnisch

AKA: “Jonathan with a K”



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