Sending Back the Negativity


March 22, 2013

Sending Back the Negativity

When someone is in a temper with us, or more deliberately wishes us harm or is jealous, and perhaps wishes that we have bad luck or that misfortune falls upon ourselves, or our loved ones, it can be very unnerving—even if the words or actions were spoken or done unto us days, months or even years ago.

Such bad feelings, however, always belong to the sender, and they can also be returned, not with anything added, but just as they are. By sending back the negativity, it seems also to block future nasty things coming from the same person or group of people.

As such a darkness falls I relax, and push against an imaginary window, as if I am pushing very gently—as if I am pushing a force away from me. I say, very simply, and quietly, “I return the pain, send it not again.” Or sometimes, “I return your bad wishes; I do not accept them; do not send them again.”

May all be as it was before.

Looking through some Biblical material, I noticed that Joseph, and with his religion, had used God’s grace in his adversity. He was sold into slavery in Egypt, according to the Bible. He was mistreated and taken advantage of. Even when he was wrongly accused of rape and put away in prison, he thrived. Later, through his faith, to be released and even put in charge of the whole of Egypt’s agricultural affairs.

Faith and hope can come in the midst of Life’s challenges.

When someone is mistreating me, like yesterday, I am using my faith in my own higher power, waiting in my own ‘prison’ for “it” to show up.

I am starting this morning.

Jonathan Harnisch


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