Relatively Copacetic: Remaining with the Mystery

October 12, 2013

For years, spiritual advisors have suggested I move into the silence and the present moment, and to return often. While embraced by its subtle yet profound power in the now, I am only able to enjoy the silence so dearly. Feeling creative, calm, and collect—collecting moments, not days—the days beginning, not having been, those which I remember are the moments, not the days, and in this stillness, I still seek, I am—free, taking some risks, dissolving some fears, having no expectations but to continue changing and evolving with both positive and negative experiences, enlightening and frightening with opportunities here and there, remembering now and then, yearning for this bliss, contained within its width and depth, only desiring to stay—to stay right here and right now. In this now, trusting in the power of now, just for now, bearing no pain, feeling only unconditional love for every being, and everything. Forgiving all else, just being right here, and right now, in my own vast space where overall, things seem relatively copacetic. I suppose it just goes to show that hope is always possible with any uncertainties becoming part of the adventure, moving forward leaving my own trail, dreaming while awake, the adventure is finding me from within, in its own mystery. 

Jonathan Harnisch


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