Love and Marriage

October 13, 2013

Most people get married believing a myth that marriage is a beautiful box of sorts full or all the things they have longed for, from companionship, to intimacy and friendship.  This box of marriage is empty at the beginning. We, who are married, must put something into this marriage box before we can take anything out. I believe that love is in people, not in marriage and it’s people who put love in marriage. When we infuse romance into marriage — marriage that does not contain romance in itself, we can then embrace it, and love it and marriage itself. Married people once giving love, praise and the art of giving what we can will keep the box of marriage full and ever expanding into a larger box — the box of marriage. The box will be empty if we take out more than we put in. Marriage is like a bank, safety deposit box. Marriage is good. Marriage is and can be worthwhile. It can become a continuous habit to add more and more into our marriage. This goes for any married couple.

Jonathan Harnisch


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