Jonathan Harnisch Interview: When Madness Meets Genius

Web Celeb Jonathan Harnisch Interview: When Madness Meets Genius >> Porcelain Utopia

A.F. >> “Jonathan, your Web Celeb thing. Bro, I’m recording, just talk about it. Just talk. And don’t stop. Just talk.”

Jonathan Harnisch >> “I suppose I do stir up controversy. The hermit I may indeed be. I do enjoy provoking disagreement and even disapproval, even in public and online, for sure. My approaches to life and art, though a paradox, I consider myself an anti-artist who has this burning urge to create and add to creation, which I believe, defines art alongside self expression. It’s this effect of dichotomy. I seem to provoke disagreement and disapproval, more especially online and in the public itself.  And we all win a little and lose a little but keep going. Under control… Ideas seem to be pulled right from my pockets and all the while, there’s already too much creation at it is, and has been for a while now. I just add to it, in stockpiles, for that’s the only way. Here’s an idea, rather a self diagnosis, in that I seem to “suffer” from this dynamic of narcissism with no self esteem, since low or high levels would be artificial, either one has self esteem or one does not. So why not add to my comorbid diagnoses I’m publically known for [I smirk and continue to look away, into outer space, my tactile sense dominating, overriding what others might consider my visual or auditory sense being most dominant, the chameleon effect.] Yet to bring it back to, as I “suffer,” and laugh, suffering from this gosh darn Savant syndrome…”

A.F. >> “Sorry broski! You been dealing with that one since day of genius!”

“Well, it’s actually quite a pleasant deal, speaking for myself, of course, of this condition in which I, with my other serious mental disabilities, including autistic disorder… I suppose to “suffer” from demonstrating this horrifically profound and prodigious capacity or these inherent abilities within this otherwise schizophrenic and affective spectrum, to reach far in excess of what would be considered normal? I mean it’s one of the more pleasant aspects of such a complex handicap. I learn to love it, laugh at it, when I can, and just taking pride in it. It’s not like it’s going to harm me or anybody else, and if I do stir someone up, it’s on him or her. I tend to move ahead, even through the storms… This might be off topic but I love scoffing, especially when the word “scoff” is subtitled in a brilliant foreign film. Those are the best. Ah, how random it is, how it all comes in, all the hypomanic thoughts and schizophrenic voices, all at once; I think my train of thought has left the station at this point. Can we close up the interview? I’d like to insert this ciggie I hold in mouth. Inhale and breathe out. One more addition if I may, oddly enough with my scoring very low on IQ tests, for example, amongst us lucky few, undoubtedly common among us, they say and I agree I exhibit exceptional skills and brilliance in certain areas, whether it’s this ability to calculate complexities while simple math I must count with my fingers, vivid art, cinematic memory, as I prefer calling it, rather than it being photographic, it’s in 3D. Then my ear, not my voice, tuned into music and other sound puzzles. While it’s considered a syndrome, this, my Savant syndrome, this condition is technically not recognized as an actual mental disorder, nor as a partial mental disorder as far as I know in general.”

[Long pause]

Jonathan Harnisch >> “Done, bro.”

A.F. >> “Perfect, and yo, man, put this [above] on your blog, on Porcelain Utopia, it’s cool. Give me an hour and I’ll send you some stuff. [And, alas, I posted it all above only adjusting punctuation the way I wanted to present it. In my own mad way of the day.]

Interview by A.F. my one of many notorious ‘realty mediators,’ who happened to be inquiring as the medical student he is, pursuing his doctorate level thesis gathering data from first hand accounts in order to research into the psychology of When Madness Meets Genius. He happed to come to me, first. And he allowed me access to his recording simply without his true identity given his own genius, in my opinion, of his likely keeping his credit when his work might prove to be quite pioneering. Oddly enough, I’ve been asked by others to participate in not so much studies but more into others whom I do not necessarily know personally but merely for their own books which I find to be less satisfying than having someone who is like a true brother to me, take me on without hesitation to assist with whatever else he seems to be putting together. I can hardly reach my good pal these days. Med school takes up all of his time, literally, and his calling into my clubhouse here on Easter Sunday, from down near Roswell, as he travels with school. This was indeed quite a fun interview, as one-sided as it was, and yet as he wanted. He posed the questions, and left it open ended, then, “just talk,” he said. Afterwards, he Facebooked me having heard the tape or whatever he was using, I asked him if that was good enough, then laughing since I had mentioned my lack of self esteem, he replied, “No, it was perfect, J.” I grinned. Then, he said there was your voice, bro, your voice, which was even more the key to the front door [of his study.] “Next time, we are Skype-ing it, since I’m out of town, but I need to gather your body language, bro, your eyes. Everything. You’ll see. I will totally deliver back, but this is going to be one long process, and [I’m] dying of allergies.” I said goodbye, and he hung up.

That’s so ‘him.’

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