Experience Meaning Purpose and Peace of Mind


Re-Post from June 2012 [when the site went down for 6 months]

— still rebuilding; some material on this post is outdated —J.


4 June 2012

First, A Very Warm Welcome to Brittany, Harry, Kevin, William, Jordaan, Sally, Tyler, Tressie, Susan, and all new friends of PU via Facebook!


pu mirror

Dear Readers,

Though the original “tagline” for Porcelain was “The Angel Demon Human Dichotomy, even just “Through the Schizophrenic Lens,” due to the varied genres of material posted on Porcelain Utopia, redefined to “Demystifying Mental Illness through the Perspective of a Survivor,” though as a community, given all that’s up on PorcelainUtopia.com if you have any thoughts on the possibility to clarify the “About” section to “Experience Meaning, Peace and Purpose with Mental Illness or Not…”


I’m open to any suggestions. I had a few bucks (literally, LOL, hard to believe!) to run a very small advert campaign for this page to get the word out, since the 3 viral blogs in March & April brought in 26+ million unique visitors; just thought it was time to get the word out again, now that such “viral” material doesn’t last forever.

Still ever-grateful to Weever Apps for this Great Press on PU Mobile!


Viewership has since been lowered, and all my programming is only returning minimum effects, yet still on the up and up!

Keeping at it! 

Please contact me and spread the word, if you feel inclined about Porcelain Utopia… Glad to be friends, virtual or not!


I’m thinking, even with transgressions, fiction, the hip-hop fun  music by Schizophrenic and Caregiver, the Real Me Podcast, the Positive quotes, the New Age to the Old School!–Sure.. eh?!

New S&C Band Single and the New Album: http://www.jharnisch.com/pozzie

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/schizo-4-life/id510513573

The Real Me with Jonathan Harnisch, for a whole different side of JH:


Then, not for all, but…:

The Henry Miller, Fight Club/Chuck Palahniuk in my creative fiction:


Believing it does in fact come down to making a change. It’s still all about authenticity and redefinition and starting fresh, all the time.

<img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-8761" alt="real me mirror” src=”http://www.jharnisch.com/wp-content/uploads/real-me-mirror-300×110.jpg&#8221; width=”300″ height=”110″ />

Ah… Breathing,..

“Experience Meaning, Peace and Purpose with Mental Illness or Not”

…in fact, all of the above–it’s part of it all… and that’s why I do all of what I do.

I might have just answered my own question… Writing to you, my wonderful audience, is more than therapeutic.

It works!


Experience Meaning, Peace and Purpose with Mental Illness or Not! 

As usual, like they say in AA:

‘take what you want and leave the rest…’

…or however that saying goes.

Sz Awareness

Call me cheese-y but I think song is quite fitting for this post and my life, my favorite; playing now on my iTunes Fave Playlist!

Thank you all!

Jonathan Harnisch (2013)
Jonathan Harnisch (2013)


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