Meditation on Opening to Trust

Meditation on Opening to Trust—An Invitation


Dedicated to awaken souls throughout the world…

Have courage in moments of darkness.

Persevere when difficult times arise.

Remember the whole glorious story.

Hoping this might help on your own quest.

Jonathan Harnisch

Just take a few moments here to find a quiet spot where you can sit or lie down, and just get comfortable in your body. Just relax the body right now — as much as you possibly can. And as you’re relaxing the body, just notice where there may be tension or tightness. And, just allow for this tension to naturally dissolve. With each breath you’re just releasing the tension — letting it go. Letting it go… letting it go… and just relax deeply into the very core of your being. Bring your attention to your head, and imagine your head is as vast and infinite as the sky and the infinite universe above — millions and millions of miles of empty space all around you. And just feel this vast infiniteness — this quietness — just sinking into your mind. Allowing the mind to quiet, bringing a gentle silence into the mind. And, just letting go of any thoughts that arise, let them dissipate into this vast, infinite silence.

There’s room in this infinite universe for everything, and just allowing all the thoughts to rise and fall — ascending and descending this infinite continuum. The silence is the background — it’s the blackboard on which your mind is painting all sorts of things and ideas upon, and just pay attention to the blackboard — the infinite blackboard the silence contains.

Let this deep silence sink into every cell throughout your brain and throughout every cell in your body — just letting it sink it slowly, gently, letting the mind get quieter and quieter. Just breathing in this peaceful, silent awareness. And now I want you to place your attention upon your heart, and imagine the middle of your heart as a dial that goes from one to a hundred, and in the middle of that dial is the word “trust”. This is your trust-dial that measures how much you trust yourself, the universe, and everybody in it. I just want you to notice where your trust dial is set at, at this moment, and notice what it feels like to have it set at this number. It goes from one to a hundred, a hundred is the most amount of trust that you can experience, and one or zero is the least amount — and just notice what number it’s at. And, just for a moment, I want you to imagine you can putting your hand here — just imagine you’re putting your hand on this trust-dial and it’s connected to your heart, and just turning it up a few notches. Seeing it go up maybe 10 percent, maybe 10 notches, and just noticing what that feels like. Notice if you feel an expansion or an opening inside your body. Now, I slowly, gently want you to turn that dial even higher. Just command the dial to open the trust valve, just because it feels good to trust — to feel the energy of trust. Just keep turning it up higher and higher and higher. You may notice that the higher you turn your trust-dial this golden, healing light starts to emanate from your body — you start to radiate this divine, loving light to everyone around you. It doesn’t matter how many miles they’re away from you — you can touch them as if they’re right next to you. And who ever you wish to touch with this light that’s radiating from you right now, just allow this light to come from your heart and into their heart. Become this golden, healing source of light that your heart is radiating, just like the sun — generously giving love and light to everyone. And, keep turning up your trust-dial higher and higher, all the way until you get to 100 percent. And, notice what it feels like to be at 100 percent trust. Just let a hundred-percent trust sink into every cell throughout your body and mind right now.

Let this trust surround you and penetrate you, and just trust this trusting energy. Dive into the trust and surrender to the trust. And, if the mind plays tricks on you and goes in any other direction just gently bring it back to the heart — where this light is still emanating and radiating and touching everyone on the planet — radiating this trust. And, so, just relax deeply and breathe in this loving light from the source of your being, and radiate it out to the entire world, everyone on this planet.

Notice what this feels like to relax deeper and deeper into the heart center, feeling this warm, cozy, and golden energy in the heart. Just keep allowing this golden light to get brighter and brighter and brighter. And, you’ll notice that some of this golden energy is dripping down into your stomach and down into the base of your spine, and it’s connecting all along your spine, all the way up to your head — this golden spine of light radiating this golden energy. And, as you put your attention to the base of your spine, I just want you to relax deeply into the base of your spine. And, just feeling the roots of light going down into the earth from the base of your spine. Going down your legs, down, down into the earth. Touching the earth, feeling your roots of light going down into the planet below you. Spreading out like the roots of a tree, feeling secure and safe and solid, knowing the earth is protecting you and holding you, providing for you. That the earth will always take care of you, and just trusting this planet, this earth, as these roots of light go deeper and deeper down to the very core of the earth. And, letting yourself really feel this connection with this massive planet beneath you that provides for your every need, every desire, and it is there providing it for you, everyday. And just relax into this connection, knowing that you will always be provided for, that you are always taken care of.

And, see this little boy or girl inside of you smiling, laughing, joyfully loving and feeling loved, feeling lovable, feeling provided for and taken care of. See him or her at a very early age, a very young age, and watch him or her in this amazing movie of light, grow up with this smile. feeling loved and provided for by this planet — by this loving earth that will always take care of your inner child. And, let this young person inside of you grow up to be a mature adult with this connection, with this trust inside. And, see yourself every year of year of your life — teenage years, and the younger years, every year — growing and feeling this deep sense of trust, these roots of light have always been with you, always beneath you as a child. And, now this is his time to turn in to trusting them, and connecting with them, and noticing that they’ve always been there. Allow all parts of you — past and future — come into a state of healing, and imaging what this healing feels like: to be completely healed, whole, completely sound, body and mind and spirit, completely at peace with what is — and just relaxing, resting, being completely at peace with what is, right now.

And, just accepting what is — it is what it is — and, so, rejecting it only causes suffering. So, your job is just to be in a state, right now, of complete acceptance. Allowing for everything to be exactly the way it is. Notice the state of deep peace and relaxation that occurs when you are allowing everything to be exactly the way it is, allowing yourself to let go of any part of yourself that is holding on to the idea that there is something wrong here. Allowing yourself to be at peace with what is — knowing that any disorders, any mood disorders from the past, any problems, any wild, crazy mental confusion is all part of your past. And, just letting it go…letting go of the “I”, the “me”, who has identified as it being yours.

This is the key ingredient that unlocks your healing — is letting go of that part of you that says, “I — I have a problem”, that “I am sick”, that “I am not worthy”, that “I am unlovable” — all of these thoughts, just let them go. And, just notice what are your most negative thoughts that you have identified yourself, the “I”, the “I am” presence, the eternal, infinite “I” to be hooked into? What are those “I” statements that you have been telling yourself, that you most need to release? And, continuing releasing… and, just increase your awareness right now to noticing anytime and every time that your mind may try to identify with having it be it a problematic state, and just knowing that there are no problems — there are only opportunities. There are opportunities for growth, and it’s just about perspective — how we see each experience as a tool for our spiritual awakening — an awakening to the divine essence that’s within and all around us, and each moment.

And, so, the invitation right now is to make a commitment to yourself to become even more aware than you have ever been in your entire life, to create such an incredible, deep, profound consciousness inside you — to get in touch with that consciousness that is all ready here. Always here — that is as vast as this infinite universe. That this consciousness is always aware and awake in each moment — and to allowing yourself to be in touch with this deep, deep awareness. That is aware when the “I” thought comes in and identifies itself with saying, “I am… something, something, something…”

And, so, just notice that anytime the mind identifies with anything: “I am bad”, “I am good”, “I am worthy”, “I’m not worthy”, “I’m lovable”, “I’m not lovable”, all of these are identifications, and the invitation here is for you to get curious about these identifications and noticing, “Who is it that identifies?” What is this infinite “I am?” That is, again, like this blank slate, this infinite blackboard of consciousness that is always empty and will take anything that you put upon it.

And, so, the invitation is not to try to reverse the bad parts with the good parts. The invitation is just to allow them to cancel each other out and to surrender into this vastness of your own infinite being. That is the “I am” presence itself — that is pure, untainted — it has no identifying factors or ideas attached to it. It’s just pure, pure presence, pure awareness. And, so, be very, very gentle with yourself as you continue to drop deeper into this “I am” presence ­— this pure, infinite consciousness. This awareness — it’s very subtle — and always, always on, and there’s nothing you can do to turn it on or turn it off. It’s permanent. It’s infinitely, always going to be here, now — whether the body’s here or not.  That’s the gift — is this consciousness is eternal. It’s who you really are, and your job is to surrender it and realize that this is who you are. That you are not these ideas about yourself — these ideas that may say, “I have a problem”, or “I am a problem” — any of those ideas are just going to have to be competed with ideas that say, “I have no problems” and “I am free from problems”, which is also true.

There’s truth — there’s a little truth in everything. And, so, this is your opportunity to transcend all the little truths. And to find the biggest truth of all, which is this deep relaxation into the very essence of your own presence — this consciousness of who you truly are. And, so any ideas are not going to get you there. The only thing that will get you there is a pure heart full of surrender, full of trust, full of this desire, this burning desire to be free. Completely free from all suffering, from all yearning and trying and ‘effort-ing’ — to have something be different than what it is right here, right now. That the here and now is the God-source. And, what can be better than that?

And, so, this is your awakening right here, right now. This is your healing right here, right now. There’s nothing you need to do. There’s nowhere you need to go, unless of course, you feel pulled to going somewhere and doing something, just for the experience. It’s all okay. Every experience is the perfect experience. If you’re resisting a certain experience, you may want to look at that. You may want to look at the pain that’s being caused from the resistance. Not necessarily from the experienceexperience is perfect in itself, and so is the resistance, but it’s the resistance that’s causing you suffering — the attachment to having things different than what they are that causes suffering.

So, your job is to transcend all of this resistance, and all of this attachment, and just come home to this pure, soft, sweet presence that is the core of who you really are.

The more you can relax your body, the more you can let go of your mind, and free your mind, the easier it’s going to be for you to live the most divine, magical life that you could have ever imagined. That things will work out perfectly for you — perfect timing, perfect synchronicity — they already are. It’s just when the mind is out of the way, when you’re just surrendered to the moment, the love, the trust that’s here now in this moment, and everything unfolds in its divine perfection, and you can experience that. That’s the key — is you get to witness it and feel it and be a part of it, instead of being stuck up in the head trying to control it all and micromanage the universe. This is about something much more effortless, something much more enjoyable. This is about pure surrender. Total surrender to the truth of who you really are, which is this infinite presence, this consciousness, this awareness. It’s so subtle, so alive, and so full of life; it’s where all of life comes from. So, your job is to enjoy it. Your job is to really enjoy yourself here. The greatest joy comes through diving into the very core-essence of your being because this is a joy that does not come or go. It’s not dependent on anything in your outer-world. For happiness or non-happiness, this joy is your very nature. It’s the very love and light that causes you to breathe. It causes you to think.

And, so let go of whatever thoughts that cause the body pain, just let them go. There’s no need to fix them. There’s no need to continue fighting for anything because freedom is all ready here, now. This freedom is available, and the Ego — it may put up a battle, but you know what? This freedom is always going to win. This love and this trust will always win over the Ego, because the Ego isn’t real — the Ego is just a figment of one’s imagination — this idea stamped upon “Who am I?” Who you really are can’t be described, can’t be put into words. It’s what’s untouchable. It’s beyond the mind. And, so, just surrender to that. Continue, continuously, to surrender to the source of this moment, this “now” essence because that’s the only place that you’ll find freedom. The only place you’ll find God — the source of all healing — the God-source, the infinite universe that’s conscious and very intelligent and always listening and knows exactly what you need.

You may also download the guided meditation live on The Real Me Podcast—Episode #89 free on iTunes by Jonathan Harnisch



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