Are We All Going Crazy?

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When we question whether or not we might be gong “crazy,” made the wrong choice on a large or small scale, made decisions that didn’t pan out, feeling lost, confused or that our lives are falling apart right in front of us, we question our realities, we get shaken up, as humans, not sick people, not crazy people. We learn life lessons, by taking the easy way or the hard way, and yet we will usually learn through rewards more effectively than through pain and suffering, no matter what. It’s just the way it is. We either create crises that bring us to a bottom of sorts and once we realize we’ve made ourselves complicit in our own unhappiness, our lives then change for the better. We can only grow from the inside out. Nobody can teach us or make us grow, only our own selves are capable, thus (or either way) we simply decide that it’s more realistic and invaluable to move on, by starting anew or just changing ourselves for the better. Reward yourself, and once again, make today the best day of your life! Looking at life through a child’s eyes, through innocence, we might see and find a whole new way of what is really going on. Are we crazy? Are we all crazy? Or are we just people doing the best we can, and our making mistakes being proof of this? One would think that human nature is, in fact inherently good. We are all good souls, all of us, even if only deep down inside.

Jonathan Harnisch

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