Etch-a-Sketch-on-Acid: Pseu-Pseu-Pseudonym

So how’s your day so far? Etch-a-Sketch-on-Acid-Stream-of-Thought—Over—and—Over—Pseu-Pseu-Pseudonym: Makeshift Mag style: To the lucky few and u2. To start today’s makeshift musings we’ll begin with brilliant blissful morning musings: Bliss is a state of the mind. Find it. Be it. Enjoy it. Find meaning in your own love, love itself, those you love and even yourself. Listen. Learn. Breathe. When we share our gifts and blessings, our inner systems tell us that we have plenty. We live abundantly. Awaken to the present moment to enjoy the full magnificence of life itself. Do not ever postpose joy. Find a power and a purpose larger than you. Our journeys and their directions are more important than our destinations. Gratitude is a sign of strength. Find meaning and purpose in the present. The present and its meaning are gifts. Rolling, coming, as I step into the A.M. Indeed. This homeboy is feeling real good like a decent Duranie and Fat Man should-to the max w/ balance, too. I need my man (at the press) to gimme-gimme-gimme the scoop on the gaps to fill in with new fiction J.H. style but under pseudonym. Boo. I need to write fiction-more fiction. I need to write. I NEED MY WRISTBAND. And man-oh-man, brand new newbian, my new psych meds adjustment-whoa! It’s goodies. Almost better than purple Pez! Tics, be nice now. I let my freak flag shine! Mentally ill mind. Unsurpassed resiliency. Oh who’s that? It isn’t just me. But it is one “hell” of a hot morning, you see, and early rising. Upbeat and sweet. Sweat. (Until the next episode-I feel like a TV sitcom-episode after episode-creative, on the ill flow. And each episode is different and the show itself is unique!) If I was a girl I’d want my name to be Mo’ Niique! Random thought, totally worth delivering. Oh, just hackin around, removing some DVD copy protections on a few classics just for home use-to view askew, a few classics on digital (Apple TV etc.) See? Hacking isn’t a bad thing-it’s the bad intentions of good hackers doing bad things. That’s bahd! But the Bhagavad Gita is good. The B and the G. So is word play-it’s the say of the day-anyway. (I need a special license or certificate for my absurd giftedness.) Indeed. Discoursing… Then, morning laughter back from ’87 the Fat Boys in “Disorderlies,” on DVD, 3 Stooges style! Coming back hard again. Yeah! Then a convo w/ my publisher also in regards to a new art series blah, bam, boom, and Blam-the green eggs and ham. My Dear [Publisher]-I sure hope you’re enjoying the weekend as much as I am given a challenging prior week. I’ve posted/published I believe my Ok enough/correct cut of the auto-biographical piece I wrote last night, The Day I Decided to Take Charge of My Life, which has already received excellent feedback from those who find a way of actually reaching me since my usual comment forms are generally closed. I’ll insert some as they pour in, over 100 now, with more from within, where the piece initially was published. [Blah.] Rockin real solid lately, overall, and very productive. We’ve now also got our start on the long long long time wait with the inspirational autobiographical non-fiction, biography, “The Most Interesting Person I’ve Ever Met” [sigh] which we can add and incorporate, into perhaps the “Light and Shade” novel, the 1,000-page “Uncut” or ‘Fragments’ epic/s, or even the even newer biography. Finding the right writer for unbiased full on real deal biographer has been tough as nails. We’ll find him. I know it’s going to be a he. You and I are a full-on machine. You’ve got the production end whilst I’ve got the material. And whatever/however we do it, no matter how long it takes, heck, let’s go full-spectrum like the biggies. The at-last-discovered multi-multifaceted artist and his crew, an army of art-and I finally unleashed for some public feedback the art works, the 10,000 pieces. Immediately with my fan base and built in audience so far, 120,000 +/- Twitter followers now, for example, from actual artists and even gallery people; they’ve begun to send amazing and unexpected comments, just for example, that the art, “It needs to be venued and big time,” and then by several actual visual artists, and I want to put the art out in an epic book series with style and again under [my pseudonym] still. I’m so happy with this feedback so far. We sure have our work cut out but it’s here. It’s done, initially done. And we’ll both make it happen in a big way and somehow, however we do it. I know you’ve got me and I indeed have you. Here are some more as-is comments on the artwork (verbatim) copy/paste: “Intriguing, fantastic, holy sh*t! F-ing awesome! How the heck did you do them? I’ve never seen anything like these before; they make me I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole…” [-Then-]  “Holy Sh*t, Batman! These are incredible. Your use of stark, energetic, vertical & horizontal lines are so fantastic. It is just as entitled, like an Etch-a-Sketch on acid, Jonathan.” – “Are the first few dozen super-new ones? I hadn’t seen anything like them (in your earlier collection that you showed me). You’re on to something in a big, beautiful way. Christ. XOXOXO” – “You simply amaze me, it’s your time now Jonathan, really, go for it, forget the rest of what has been lost and all…” – “There’s continuity in your artwork here that I truly love, adore, and it baffles me in such a good way, mystifying, giving out and emitting over and over.” –  “I see this and then as I stare at many, a few seconds later what I see changes. A horse becoming eyes, and then I see a person, a head, and then the same image blends into some kind of demon…” – “OMG! XOXO.” – “It’s got an authentic theme of edginess and a graphic quality that’s sharp and solid.” – “#164 – [Dear Publisher, all of this is coming into my inbox merely minutes after posting to the public and to some friends. I’d like to go big time with all the lit, art, even film at this point, oh my, more and more comments keep coming in. I haven’t even read them all yet, just copying here for now so I can read this in email altogether.] – “…The response you are getting signifies you should keep it up! It seems like such a quick enthusiastic response indicates something that captures imagination. I know I have had to beg for any kind of response to what I do, which indicates a certain lack of appeal. So when you do something people respond to like this, run with it!” –  “I agree with all the comments here, Jonathan. This work is simply incredible.” – “YOU ARE BRILLIANT AMAZING FANSTASTIC AWESOME OMG!  I LOVE YOUR ENTHUSIASM!” – “You never lack for passion. But remember to breathe, Jonathan. Breathe…. LOL! “ – “…I just read your Day I Decided to Take Charge of My Life on the Porcelain Utopia and the Zimbio Wikizine [Dear Publisher: on Porcelain Utopia BTW has over 950 additional posts, all written in the past year and a half, even after losing 600 of them from a crash a year ago for 6 months. Oh, and check this out from 3 months, 25 million hits, the most viral personal website known.  “Jonathan Harnisch of Porcelain Utopia is quite the intriguing individual. He is diagnosed with several mental illnesses from schizoaffective disorder to Tourette’s syndrome. Yet in the past year, he has single-handedly wielded a blog that has now received over 55 million hits…” [The rest continues on this press link from last year] – “…On the Day [you] Took Charge of your Life. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Not only are you a visual artist, you are a wordsmith. Wonderful work!!!” – [The comments keep pouring in, Dear Publisher…] –  “You have the numerous books in the serial series coming out you’ve killed the coolest television shows, made-for-TV movies, you invented the software for, for crying out loud… and now all this!” -[Dear Publisher, I’m currently looking at my life now at this point in a completely different way, holy wow. – Oh more: – [art]  “These works, Jonathan, are freakin’ fantastic. Super freakin’ wow.” – “Would love to see a few painted, ever so lightly. Just a splash of color thrown in, a subtle accent to the powerful lines and more of YOUR mark in them but NOW, we must find you a GALLERY. P.S. I still think this would be a terrific venue for your work. I’ll email you the info. “ – [Dear Publisher, I haven’t even checked the link/s yet but they’re from an actual Santa Fe gallery etc., professional visual artists with whom it might be good to talk, you too, and one in particular (Audrey: she and I are new but close friends, having been my wife’s friend for many years…) – [More] – “Hi Jonathan, You might be considered an Outsider Artist, at least in my eyes anyway. Consider watching these 2 excellent documentaries on Netflix about other outsider artists: In the Realms of the Unreal” – [and Dear Publisher, I’ve actually seen this and own it, too, a fave] – “…Featuring the voices of Dakota Fanning and Larry Pine and the work of talented animators, this documentary tells the story of Henry Darger, a reclusive janitor by day with few [Dear Publisher I believe this is the man with the same autism as me] – “…if any — friends, but by night a literary artist with a unique vision. Darger’s resulting 15,000-page epic is a wonderland of imagination as it details the exploits of seven angelic sisters who lead a rebellion against men who enslave children.” – “And this one… and this one, too…“ –  [The comments aren’t stopping but I will at this point… or soon.] – I can dropbox the artwork JPEGs to you – all to you but will be hard, a lot, being back out of order a bit but I’m certain within all the media here in the studio I do have the main file folder in my archives. It’s OK, years in the making. I look forward to hearing back from you. The Rock Star making it all happen, God bless you. I’m happy. It’s this initial sparkle, this amazing and unexpected feeling of equally unexpected phenomenal responses and I haven’t even gone through the majority of them on other platforms nearly perhaps 100? Take your time. Going to wear myself out soon. We have it, Dear Publisher don’t we! I’m on 360 24/7! …And the most wonderful comments keep coming in. It does seem most work is done and it is in fact overall ‘time,’ indeed. And now time for myself, just after my swimming to watch another 3D DVD on my system and our good old Hollywood buddy Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man. I often miss him a lot so don’t watch most of the old celeb friend’s films. You are my ‘relief,’ Dear Publisher, if that makes sense like you ‘found’ me. I found you but you found what is within my much newer more refined and centered work and can actually do something with it. It’s so relieving, I must say, and my expectations aren’t even present, so I can’t really lose. Neither of us in my opinion, only gain, and I wouldn’t have gone with anyone else, honest to God; I’ve been waiting since that let’s call it, “occurrence” in Jan. 2010. I got back up, swept my feet, and here we are. Feels great. Thank you so kindly, your own comments. (I love being dubbed “brilliant,” the most.) Rarely has anyone who can make a difference these days ever felt that – merely disdain from family and others who could have done better by rewarding and encouraging me, and loved me, but I’ve moved on. You make me feel so appreciated and special, not as much my own narcissism deriving from low or no self-esteem creatively speaking, and merely for example, the art-the work and writing. There’s no incentive to be so kind, and call my work brilliant, so I know it’s real and genuine and authentic. I wanted and needed that I feel like, for so long Dear Publisher. My goodness. Thank you. Good days. Bad days. Experience. (Expedience. -) And word play at the end of the day…. Hope these notes find you a charming UK morning in London, likely when you’ll receive this. “-” (-I love em dashes as you can tell. -) P.S. More feedback continues coming in and regarding the other referenced-in/and attached image direct from Flickr, this just came in regarding it, and then I’ll halt. Perhaps. Perhaps not. It’s from someone I do not know at all, just one of many overall fans, a true blessing: – “I love the graphic, razor’s edge assuredness of the lines. There is a world within these linear worlds-on-paper, a 2-dimensional rendering of a multi-faceted universe in which Jonathan resides. I feel honored to be invited in. FANTASTIC work. My comment refers to ALL of the works here, not just the one above.” Re: the written attachment, another  – “I LOVE THIS!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. INCREDIBLE! STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART (AND THE MIND) OF YOUR DAY’S EPISODE.” – My friend had asked me to expand on a sentence I had posted which prompted me to write the Day I Decided material, she responded – “You truly mean and affect/effect a lot of peeps J… Keep doing what you do and be YOU!! I’ve learned and changed so much from you, Jonathan!” – [And] -“Jonathan, you truly speak to me. I wish I could convey how much you do! I hung on to every word you said! Make sense? I’ve grappled with the issues I have with my dad forever. Just looking for his ‘acceptance’ and not being the perfect daughter in his eyes, etc. After 2 DUI’s etc. and how much my dad disapproves of my getting pregnant at 37, I FINALLY. Came to an epiphany… My son is about a year old and you have yet to meet him. I FINALLY realized and came to realize our issues are no longer about me, but YOU! I am finally at peace with things and am finally happy. I don’t have to try and please you any more and you can no longer hold your money as leverage… Make sense? I know you’ll get it Jonathan. 😉 Thanks for letting me vent… I haven’t been able to in a long time. No one seems to understand my father’s power esp. with money and relation with his so called ‘love’ in relation to all that… But I feel you do? 😉 Thank you! 🙂 “ -And so, Dear Publisher, it’s been a long, eventful, great and extremely productive Saturday, at last, I’m now choosing to wind down now for the evening. (We can use some words/angles/takes from the above feedback for bio/book covers even reviews etc. I’m thinking) It’s also been a while since hearing from H.G. from whom I’ve ordered her last 2 books [she’s writing the Forward to my fiction series] directly from her and haven’t received them in 2-3 weeks now but I know she’s on the road, her wife is a stand up comedian recently got her big break and they’re on the road I know. Until then… -JH – Then more Facebooking, blogspotting, and Tourette’s ticcing! Here some stuff on “under Pseudonym;” Oh Life. “I was always wondering but didn’t want to ask.” …And so, to all who’ve asked about my pen name usage. It arose from many huge fans; even an Emmy and an Academy nom but I seriously can’t take those few biggies w/ the harsh criticism. I keep my smaller stuff and mental health advocacy as Jonathan Harnisch also; who would ever believe a schizophrenic could invent alongside Jeff Bezos in his garage in 1991, be a billionaire (on paper-boo-hoo inner giggle to self) and do all that’s unsaid. To be honest it’s done due to traumatic experiences for me personally from age 12 with a full scholarship to Yale at 15 which I didn’t take, instead heading off the Choate School, then recruited by NYU Film and hired to work on Dead Poets w/ producer Steven Haft… w/ Ismael Merchant/James Ivory then at ICON with Mel Gibson with whom all are still in touch except for the 2 R.I.P.s Ismael and and Gary Winick of Indigent Entertainment who oversaw my thesis in film school. Blah, blah. I know my own truths as does my wife and that’s about all. Happy enough with it as it is “Cheers and 🙂 Smiles!” says some schizophrenic voice in my head, for whatever reason, neurons misfiring, over-stimulating through the transmitters on through and past and pass. And now passed. In the past. Alas, once you turn on your DIRECTV® or visit MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art in NYC you’ll have to see. Then onto, Amazon, iTunes, A&E, DVD, CBS, Paramount and the American Visionary Art Museum and though under pseudonym, I maintain my reclusive obscurity while I can always come out… I like it, like J. D. Salinger! Oh yeah! All’s back to Good in the Hood… I was named Director of the day by Duran Duran [my comparison to David Lynch’s early work, and their never actually used music videos from the later 90s on their Medazzaland album, I was in NYC around the time Kubrick passed, Eyes Wide Shut opened my eyes as I dilly dally and suddenly imparted by default, mission overload, in my inbox in the box thinking out of the box and boxes, picking thoughts from my pockets, ah – from the distributors of ‘Wax’ and ‘On the Bus’-“Hi Jonathan: We have processed the invoices for 2 of your films but just for the USA terms of the contracts. The films have been played only in USA, so far….” Small pay but big yay from J. – And still left alone by the many people hired to be here for me. I am my own resilient hero again! Mental Health. Yes. I use my disability to my and your advantage. I help some who are either disabled, mentally ill, or sick, in any way. And hey, please do the same and remember the five simple rules to be happy: Free your heart from hatred. Free your mind from worries. Live simply. Give more. Expect less. Mind racing requires great skill! And balance. And fortitude. And last of all the right clothes… Deliberation, not in a legal or political way, rather being a process of thoughtfully weighing options-it’s a process of thoughtfully weighing options – more on that (soon w/ hope – maybe not so soon or not at all -) with some detail regarding approach-avoidance conflict which is, overall, when conflict arises when a situation has both positive and negative features. I’m to deliver more discourse with ambiguous language, acronyms, alpha waves and perhaps some algorithm discourse; its step-by-step approach guaranteed to solve a problems, especially when feeling ignored, slanted, blamed and perhaps some additional forthcoming discourse on emotional acceptance, ah. For example why feeling bad is good, ah, again, when so many of us are often told or feel like everything we do and/or say is just not good enough, neglect, abandonment, other insecurities and so forth. So be it. Albeit. I’ll be “it.” Let’s play. Tag! Last words for now: Treat people as they are, and they remain that way. Treat them as though they are already what they can be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming. It is what it is and was what it was! Moving onward. Always, my own and only way. Postscript: Remember the five simple rules to be happy: 1. Free your heart from hatred. 2. Free your mind from worries. 3. Live simply. 4. Give more. 5. Expect less. – On this tag-less post cut on one take and onto Porcelain U. via voice to text mobile postage (some by hand edits, heck I’m legally blind! Ah! ☺ Please excuse any syntax.] I’m happy to be creator of the first virtual retail system process, I’ve turned to become some reclusive disabled outsider artist. Peace. An ever evolving process myself, of consciousness, itself. Make it and makeshift it. Prototype it! Grab it. Snag it. Life is short making it your best day of your life and always-always-always be yourself. It is possible to not be yourself, so please be it. Be you. I’ll be me w/ the occasional pen name. Ah. And a la fin de l’envoi, je touché.

—Jonathan Harnisch

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