Inception of Insomnia: Episode 1 #mentalhealth

I just heard from my psychiatrist and apparently there are a few more people in my life who I’ve been told now are hallucinations and that I’m their hallucination. It’s messing with my head because that’s what my novel is about with the same concept. I am pretty sure it will be night number four without sleep I just want you all to know that I’m still around and this might seem weird, yet I love the heck out of it all, for real. My book has become synchronistic with my life, which is why I wrote it in the first place which I understand seems odd, but once again I’m questioning my own physical real existence. Dude this autism spectrum stuff is crazy man. I want to stay awake, sleeping without dreaming and dreaming without sleeping for the rest of my life with all of these mental maladies it’s the most fascinating so to speak “existence” ever known to any human being literally, oh my goodness it’s amazing and entirely 100% synchronistic.

Dear Psychiatrist, I do realize and understand that more people and friends in my life are turning out to have always been delusional hallucinations and Lawrence is just one of them. That was the reason in the first place for why I copied you on a few emails to him, in order to validate, or invalidate. He’s not real, Dr. P., I hear what you say I listen to that part. This autism spectrum is fascinating and the whole concept is what my book is about, synchronicity the overlapping realities of “who is real and who isn’t?” —kind of material. So just so you know I realize that Lawrence is not real, so to speak, therefore I can dream without sleeping and sleep without dreaming. I understand that’s an odd way to take part in all of this but it’s not real, so anyway, this will likely be night number four without sleep but nonetheless…

 Jonathan Harnisch

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