Best Therapy Session Ever: Primeval Latent Core Emotions Surface

My Best Therapy Session Ever: In Brief

Primeval latent core emotions volcano to the surface with centeredness, tears and elation made visible via 1-hr. therapy session:


My therapist encouraged me to talk about my thoughts and feelings and what’s troubling me. I was not worried. It was not hard to open up about my feelings. I have trusted my cognitive behavioral therapist for years now. We talk about daily life, challenging traumatic issues, and music, all boiling down to mindfulness and problem solving, often working simultaneously. My <a class="StrictlyAutoTagAnchor" title="View all articles about CBT here” href=””>CBT therapist often helps me gain more confidence and comfort in general. And some days we reach a point where we really dig deep, and through expression of fears and inherent emotional conditioning, for example, when asked, “How would I have preferred, realistically for [so-and-so] to have happened instead?”

And while my private life is my private life, I just had such a breakthrough, which seems to only have room to broaden its scope and range in a primeval traumatic root, which was brought to the surface.

My therapist and I can only Q&A more and use today’s breakthrough to enhance my quality of life in so many more areas.

It was like I was an infant being parented by his adult self (parent) letting the little boy in me know that this is what this means, that is what that means, and you are loved. You have yourself, you have and are loved my me, while my therapist was only bearing witness, and prompting, encouraging and allowing me to feel safe as the little child in me learned for example, that the raising of a hand does not mean, I love you. In fact the raising of the hand with a whack is wrong and you will only get better and better. You always have me.

Pressed for time I felt a need to publish this to let you know you are never ever forgotten or invisible, or alone. Never ever ever. If you don’t trust me, please trust that you are worth it.

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