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A fellow artist and friend of mine recently wrote me about accessing bootleg CDs and DVDs I own, which I received from certain record companies, and from the English rock band Duran Duran directly, and those with whom I used to work, when I was much more involved in the entertainment business while in New York and then Hollywood from the 1990s through 2008.

And thus my paraphrased [note-form] response on my beliefs in respecting copyright laws:

“I used to work in the business (Hollywood—Film/TV/owned recovery center (A&E’s “The Cleaner” that was me but didn’t take credit)—helping public figures, actors, political figures and musicians, and studio stuff. Worked a bit w/ Duran Duran [DD] (mainly John in Santa Monica & Venice) and @ Elias Studios, LA (from Big Thing [album]). Have over 1,200 Duran Duran tunes, films, and a 1,200 sq. ft. “museum,” a special building on property, but for personal enjoyment, w/ Duran Duran collectibles and nostalgia… some DD CD/DVDs are extremely rare and since I am still in showbiz (2 films/3 novels, and  a music album—under my own copyright—coming out this year—2013.) I now live more quietly and peacefully in NM (not NY/LA) w/ my lovely wife, on our farm (w/ 28 and counting animals, it’s fun!) Wish I could share/send some amazing art, but I pretty much adhere to copyright laws. So my apologies, good friend. It’s out of respect and honor for the artist/s, whomever he/she/they might be. In this case Duran Duran, my inspiration. As for myself, I’m just not OK about sharing copyrighted material not owned by myself. I’m no longer w/ much of the old Hollywood & music industry crew these past few years, mostly keeping with some international film and literary distribution and publishing, especially in the UK & just fun art work since my health deteriorated around 2006. I don’t usually talk much about some of my work, and I will, at times, credit myself under a pseudonym—on all fronts, film/lit/music, but rock on Duran Duran!”

Long live art!

Jonathan Harnisch

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