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Sudden Blurry Vision: I’m voice posting this to avoid syntactical errors, and all is <a class="StrictlyAutoTagAnchor" href="; title="View all articles about OK here”>OK, yet about 30 minutes ago my vision suddenly became extremely blurry with a following overlapping double vision effect. I was able to look at my eyes in the mirror (nothing like red/blood). Just odd. Recently I had my eyes checked again, and yet again I do not suffer from any eye disease. I have reversed my diabetes, and there have been no diet changes today. It’s just bizarre; looking around for any causes, I first notified my doctors who showed little concern, and while I have dyslexia with convergence insufficiency and extreme astigmatism since age two, I’m nearsighted, and also legally blind since 1988. As a writer, I am unable to read what I’ve written, only very brief text or enlarged text, or using text to speech software. I’ve always seen what I do while relying on common sense and judgment. My nearsightedness would rule out presbyopia, then cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration being the cause? After all I’m only 37, not 60 or over which is when any degeneration is more likely to occur. And surely it’s not any sudden retinal detachment or temporary inflammation. Oh well, I’ll just wait and see. Surely it’ll pass. It’s just immensely strange. Nonetheless, it’s still a great day. I’m always keeping up with my own power of resiliency while keeping it all as ‘pozzie’ (positive) as ‘possie’ (possible)—word play—as I continue rolling along, having fun and happy overall, and all the while still stirring things up, in my own “J” way. Besides retinal detachment usually presents itself as a feeling that a curtain is being drawn over the affected eye. If both eyes are blurry, it is probably just exhaustion as I’ve been in quite the hypomanic productivity zone. It could also indicate a rather normal occurrence of temporary lower blood sugar, or simply something irritating my eyes.

A half hour later: Nevertheless, having just eaten a small healthy meal, this blurry vision experience is nothing I can’t challenge myself to deal with—the ‘what is’ and not the ‘what is not.’

—Jonathan Harnisch here”>Jonathan Harnisch


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