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Momentum and Mental Health


In discussing the idea of  “momentum”— there are going to be some good days and some bad days, but one should try to make good days build momentum.

“I can just be,’ I can just decide,” and “It’s all okay,” are some examples of mindfulness mentioned in this video.

I continue documenting my life—capturing my day on the 6th of November 2012 (I had said it was “October” in the film, but an easy error still early in the month)—this candid video has its audio extracted for The Real Me Podcast with much appreciated applause.

Thank you to all who have been touched in some way with my taking a quick 40 minutes out of my day to record this unedited and candid—”this is what’s been going on” type of enlightening-to-some YouTube video. I had no idea it would garner any success in touching others. I’m humbled. -J.

Jonathan Harnisch



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