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A Positive Approach to Negativity on the Net:

This post dedicated to all within the affective spectrum—to all aspies & those falling in the grip of the schizophrenic spectra.

To All Affected by Negativity:

Thoughts of the Day

My positive attempt to make a positive change while not engaging myself in the aftertaste from the current negativity on the social networks, with which I no longer participate as much as I used to, includes my decision to objectify all the critical status updates I peruse today. Lighter topics, even in my personal life, but negativity not here today. Maybe there’s something about turning on a computer, feverishly running hands across the keypad, and hitting the Post or Send buttons that seem to change what we write publicly, myself included. I think all our behavior, both positive and negative, on the Net is understandable, and yet I think we can change, if we decide to. Dropping people from my networks? No. Leading my own life, and trying my best to focus on the positive? Yes.

Jonathan Harnisch

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Jonathan Harnisch has nothing to lose keeping it all real, being real-deal. Charming chap! Narcissist with low-or-no self esteem, so mock me! 🙂

Peace to this world in dire need of healing and peace, to those who are hurting and being themselves.

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Certified Web Celeb

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