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Note to Self [Sleepless]

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Insomniac Thoughts on Insomnia


“…I think my latest bouts with chronic insomnia is more a mental disorder than a medical disease of the body to be solved with meds. Likely caused by my other conditions yet appearing to be a control issue—with control being determined by the mind. Enter my CBT session tomorrow: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Thought: CBT might help change my thought patterns, removing my thoughts & beliefs about sleep. Enough of the Secret and Louise Hay, at least for me and in my own opinion. These latest bouts of insomnia cause me to think I might not be sleeping because I become anxious about suffering from insomnia; my whole nighttime routine (ironically) increasing anxiety and arousal levels of performing what I still consider ‘therapeutic’ activities. But, if this anxiety is an emotion created in the mind, and thus, comparatively, controlled by the mind… Wow! How many other disorders could simply be cured through examining and reflecting upon one’s I-function?”


Q: What is I-function?

A: Basically, subliminal/unconscious perception/mind…

And one little bit on Being Bipolar (saving me a separate blog post, pin, etc.) 🙂

Bipolar Love Hate

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