Caine’s Arcade: A Feel-Good Film to a Movement


Caine’s Arcade: A Feel-Good Film to a Movement

Up for a feel-good endearing little short film? A friend of a friend (another filmmaker in Los Angeles) made this w/ additional parts avail as well on YouTube, ‘From a Movie to a Movement.’ The boy, “Caine” of Caine’s Arcade, is actually giving talks these days at major universities [business schools] on entrepreneurship. The filmmaker’s sister lives close by, here in New Mexico. A great little watch. You might have already seen it; it’s made quite an impact. One of those “pick-me-up” pieces for a rainy day.

“Caine’s Arcade”

Chapter 2: From a Movie to A Movement

Referenced is The Imagination Foundation:

Caine's Arcade Photo

—Jonathan Harnisch

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Porcelain Utopia

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