I am a spiritual person.

I can still set boundaries, though I often don’t.

I can still curse, talk smack, and joke around about sensitive subjects; I can miss the mark often, and I often do.

I can get angry.

I can make tons of mistakes, and I have already made my share of mistakes.

I can be schizophrenic. I can and will joke about being schizophrenic. I can hate being a schizo and I can take some pride.

I can have desires, and be as human are, too. I can even loathe and hate. I can also accept and forgive.

I can change.

I can grow.

I can fall.

I can learn and evolve.

I can be hard on myself and others, as human can do, and I can cut myself some slack and relax.

I can change, if I want, even if I don’t want.

I am embraced by the divine, however I might understand, believe, and call my own God, or higher power, my spirit, core, or source.

My universe is mine.

Yours is yours.


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