Jonathan Harnisch’s Birthday and Resignation

17 January 2013

Today is my birthday. I’m 37. 2 days ago, as I posted, I’ve achieved 10 years of sobriety. Overall, I have been happy but due to my concussion from the break-in earlier in the week, with my vision (legally blind and worsening dyslexia) and the current lack of interest overall, and in comparison to the past, of my work on Porcelain Utopia, The Real Me and You, and Schizophrenic and Caregiver, as well as Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, I’m pretty much done with it all, and likely to carry on with much less online activity. There have been a lot of technology companies I have worked with and many I still do work with which are just moving too fast, out of need, with so much competition going on. Besides there are a lot of let’s just say “weirdoes” whether it be stalkers and hackers and just a bit too much hate mail and even threats that I just let go of, but basically Porcelain Utopia is prepaid to stay online for a few more years, but please don’t expect much. I’m really not that into it all these days, it was kind of “fun while it lasted.” Basically I’m resigning from online life though I’m sure to come on and off every now and then. But, I’ll be doing it my own way if I do it at all. Thank you for understanding and well, just a quick note to say I’m gracefully signing off and going to continue enjoying my birthday. Thank you to those who have contacted me regarding my recent celebrations. Look out for a film called On the Bus and Wax distributed in 20 or so countries this year as well as a novel or two, though one might be authored under my name but a couple—all this year under a pen name, which I am unwilling to disclose. Thank you.

Jonathan Harnisch

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