Sick and Tired of Being Sick

Sick and Tired of Being Sick

“In order to change, we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

January 8, 2013—7:00 AM (New <a class="StrictlyAutoTagAnchor" title="View all articles about Mexico here” href=””>Mexico, USA) 

Good morning (or whatever time of day it is in your neck of the woods)…

For a personal update, not having been posting too much here on Porcelain Utopia nor elsewhere for a while as I have been keeping myself healthy and busy—good-busy—minimizing my life and surroundings, sustaining peace of mind, meditating, taking breaks, and just being myself.

And with this <a class="StrictlyAutoTagAnchor" title="View all articles about mental health here” href=””>mental health condition, schizophrenia, underlying all of my life experiences, my thoughts, speech and my lens, or view, I have been in stable condition for the better part of nearly four years, and yet, as it’s still quite early in the morning with the sun not yet risen, the farm here is quiet and serene, but as it’s been a common part of my illness, my sleep disturbances, or perhaps the way that I sleep—somehow—or perhaps my diet, or the medication I take, I often wake up with a few hours, lately from about 3:00 AM until about 8:00 AM with the same flu-like symptoms that have been occurring since my teenaged years, through my drug and alcohol addiction years, and through my ten years of sobriety (on January 15, 2013). My 37th birthday is on January 17th, so I am excited about that as well.

Today I am deciding to really dig in and do what I believe is what I need to given my upset stomach, keeping a gentle attitude of grace and patience.

I am drinking lots of hot tea, for once, through these morning hours because besides being an anti-oxidant, it gets rid of most of the toxins that seem to be making me sick. I am doing my best to drink tea without any sugar or sweetener. Sugar and any sweeteners increase the impurities causing my upset stomach. I’m gargling with warm water and baking soda, avoiding speaking for about 15 minutes afterwards about least 3 times today; this morning, then continuing in the afternoon, and finally prior to bedtime. I’m resting, all that I am able, because when I am active, in any way, I’m forcing my body, and thus becoming sicker.

Without wearing too much clothing or covering myself too much when indoors, for warmth might multiply the little ‘bugs’ causing this sickness of my stomach, I’ve read that the ‘bugs’ grow and spread, with warmth.

Lastly, I’m eating lightly; nothing heavy or complicated—broth and light soup; again with lots of tea and crackers, fresh fruit and natural juices; vitamin C, mashed potatoes, and keeping it simple.

Feeling better soon.

Jonathan Harnisch

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