Surfing the Reality of Life

Surfing the Reality of Life

On Lifetracks

In my dream, I was watching a play.

I went back to the theater the next day and watched the same exact play. But the play was performed with different decorations. The two plays I’d seen seemed to have been lifetracks (as opposed to soundtracks for a motion picture, perhaps). These lifetracks were quite close in space to each other and with similar variations.

The next theater season, I went to watch yet another play and with the same actors. This time, the script to the play had been rewritten dramatically. So as another lifetrack, this particular one was even further away from the original play I’d seen last season, in my dream.

I went on even further and saw the same play in a different theater—quite an unusual experience with an entirely new interpretation. So, this lifetrack was indeed quite far away from the original lifetrack.

To quote the Russian mystic Vadim Zeland in his Space of Variations

“Reality manifests itself in all its multiplicity precisely because of the number of variations is infinite.”

I suppose with these lifetracks, I have free choice, and all possibilities already exist, as quantum physics suggests, so its seems about time to make some choices, and to begin with one choice. I suppose the first question is, “how?”

Dedicated to awakening souls throughout the world.

Jonathan Harnisch

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