World Within My Wall

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World Within My Wall

World Within My Wall directed by Jonathan Harnisch

‘World Within My Wall’ has been sitting on the shelf for six months; enough people have asked for me to publish this film, from hearing about my connection with the farm and beauty in a way I’ve never  been quite as honest about in film—capturing the beauty I find with the haunted self, behind the walls, and within, imprisoned—metaphor after metaphor—mirrors, and the way I’ve directed a visual “being inside of my world, with me—with self” here on Fat Man Farms and here at home. I’ve shot, directed, and edited this film for personal use. It is the most meaningful, film I’ve ever made and actually makes me cry when I do watch it alone, within the walls I’ve built, and where a hurting but beautiful world of isolation resides, within myself, and that which surrounds me—entirely so.

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Jonathan Harnisch

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