Fighting for Your Life is Not the Same as Living it

Stop Overthinking and Start Living

Metaphorically, the distinction between the function of a psychological disorder and the form it takes in one’s life can be likened to someone standing in a battlefield fighting a war. The war is not going well. The person fights harder and harder. Losing is a devastating option; but unless the war is won, the person fighting it thinks that living a worthwhile life will be impossible. The war goes on. Unknown to that person is the fact that, at any time, he or she can quit the battlefield and begin to live life now. The war may still go on, and the battlefield may still be visible. The terrain may look very much as it did while the fighting was happening. But the outcome of the war is no longer very important and the seemingly illogical sequence of having to win the war before beginning to really live has been abandoned.

—Steven C. Hayes

“Get Out of Your Mind & Into Your Life”

Fighting for your life is not the same as living it.

Jonathan Harnisch

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