Our Harmonious Relationship with Being Free

We all often will say we might be free. Well, we are all free. On top of not being free… Not being free simply does not work. So we remember such things as: I need to stop my “automatic nature” and ask ourselves, “Where…?” Where are we stuck? Where might we be stuck? How and where and when are we perhaps lying? What are we hiding, cheating or pretending? Are we avoiding something, or many things, or everything—or somebody, or everybody? Where might you be stuck or trapped? Often we don’t like to see these kinds of truths about ourselves. Not taking responsibility, not confronting our own selves, taking inventory. We might not be comforting ourselves. We might not want to. But for today, right now, let’s all surrender. Surrender and let go… let some higher power, what I like to call The Source (you might call it God, for example) let Source and Spirit—your higher self guide you and us… Because then all the fears and worries and thus the past—our pasts, which might otherwise haunt us… creep up on us… The past can dissolve as freedom surfaces. Freedom, feeling free—while we’re otherwise stuck. Are we nothing… is that all? Or are we everything? At the same time—Consider this; it’s an incredible phenomenon.

We can be created. We can be re-created. We create ourselves. And we can, with this kind of thinking overcome obstacles. It’s part of what I do myself, to overcome the haunting voices and delusional thinking that schizophrenia presents me. It offers me this “otherwise negative” state of being. The whole idea of “I am” comes to mind… I am alive. I am well. I am joy, love, gratitude, health, and abundance. I am freedom. We are freedom. I am free and you are free.

What are we free to have? New thoughts, an open mind, new connections with friends and interests—pathways, open doors, and opportunities to grow and learn. We create our own reality, beyond any negativity. We are still and always will be ourselves, especially underneath it all… For me, schizophrenia can have its grip, and on us, those around me, but we can make something of it.

We all create our lives whether our illness or situation in general (without any illness) might seem to otherwise be “in the way.” The point I am trying to make is that we, collectively; we create: happiness and freedom. And we can demonstrate this by making our difference on the world, on other people, and on ourselves. Freedom from negativity, while we still might seem to have negativity in our lives. As for me, negativity on a deeper level can actually be thought of as a choice. Freedom from the bondage of self and negativity can help us get through any stress, any condition, anything. We can also celebrate it—through many means—comedy, humor and connections… the list is infinite.

Our harmonious relationship with being free—yes, even on the “worst day of our life” has the potential to make such a day, the “best day of our life.” Love life! Yes, love it! Accept it! In your own way, I invite you to consider loving and embracing negativity—it’s easier said than done, but possible—to “arrivewith it, not underneath it… unshaken, un-shattered, and truly so.

Believe and accept and know, without any doubt, that you are a terrific person, no matter what you’ve done or who you “used to be,” no matter what! When you notice a negative thought or feeling coming to surface, awaken yourself with this kind of new thinking—this new sense of freedom. Find it!

Don’t allow yourself to be constrained by any negativity. Let go of your past and awaken into a new future. Live in it. Live with it—right beside it. We’re all conscious so we are therefore aware, fully aware. We can be more than one might think or even believe.

With your heart and mind we can all enjoy freedom. Sense it, get a glimpse of this idea, and be it. Let’s fulfill ourselves with the freedom that stress, trauma and negativity in general seems not to present, or allow us. We can be in a much better place—we can always grab hold of it. It’s again, a matter of trusting it—believing in you!


Jonathan Harnisch

Via Facebook:

“I know you focus this on schizophrenia, but your words can be applied and has meaning for all of us on this earth. I really like the wording “automatic nature.” All I can say is, if we all thought in the same manner you describe what a wonderful, peaceful, loving world this would be.”


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