Constantly Evolving Consciousness

26 November 2012

Noise need not to be a negative thing; it can be when there is no silence to counter-balance it. I stepped away from some of this noise, if only for a bit, then most of it for 24 hours at this point. Acting silent. Experiencing life in silence, with deeper clarity, and even deeper silence. Walking, in silence. Knowing nothing. I thought, over and over again, and I continue to think:

I am. I am constantly evolving consciousness.

Simply and continuously moving away from noise into silence and mindfulness. No earth shattering transformation occurring, only this time with self, indeed quite Divine and spiritual. Surrendering naturally and openly, more and more into the experience itself without any expectations. My inner state improving and evolving. My first 24 hours into, I suppose what’s otherwise called Vipassana Meditation.

Jonathan Harnisch

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