The Show Must Go On

Restored Post from March 22, 2011—

I would just like to start off this post by sharing with you all that I am, yet again, pretty burnt out. My trusty little Tok, the sidekick timer has been good to me lately. But here’s a rather philosophical idea: I am taking a break, right now, but a break from Tok himself. I’ll get back with him another time. I’ve got so many projects I’ve committed to, and they are all small… Short films, short audio blogs, short written blogs, short stories, short breaks… I need to continue with them and I will. I am staying on top of them. And whether or not I slept in perfect harmony last night, just to say that I am pretty low energy and plain burnt out should be enough. It’s the Real Me.

And speaking of the Real Me, I’m planning on doing another audio post in a few hours. The goal of staying real, and without anything holding me back from having a much different mood than previous blogs should work… Whatever place I’m in. Of course that place being the here and now.

Meanwhile, I’m looking back on an old draft I wrote in preparing for my forthcoming novel, Porcelain Utopia. I do have a lot going on today. Good thing I rescheduled an eye doctor appointment I would have had to be at in about an hour from now.

Thank you all for your support. Your support is always there, as long as you’re reading and keeping up with me, even if I am unaware of it. When you might find yourself down-and-out, I wouldn’t push it, but rather just go with the flow. Yes, it’s “one of those days,” around here for me.

As I peruse some of my old notes, I find myself astounded by the progress I believe I’ve made over the years, and particularly the last several months.

I thought I’d share some of this with you…I’ve written most of what follows in the third person.

Hope you can relate and enjoy. Let’s connect soon…

Any heat causes severe agitation, suffocation, jock itch and profuse sweating with a kind of claustrophobia when in restaurants or in stores, restlessness–needing fresh air.

Focusing problems: he has difficulty paying attention when reading or watching TV/movies; feeling lost.

Confusing thoughts: his mind complicates simple ideas and concepts. He seems separate from his mind. It plays tricks on him. He tries to control it. He obsesses on the same thoughts often, just sitting somewhere, lost in his imagination, daydreaming plain things. He finds himself forgetting what it is he’s doing while doing something, walking from room to room, wondering, “What am I looking for? What was I in the middle of doing?” Feeling absent- minded.

Jonathan Harnisch

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