Mission Statement


16 November 2012 9:00 AM New Mexico USA

Good morning friends,

Lots of progress and productivity again, every day, redefining what is most important to me and what really matters in this lifetime; the legacy I’m wanting, perhaps needing to leave behind (besides the one I already have, am, or might be leaving…)

It’s just time… time for a revision of my own ‘Mission Statement,’ like in Jerry Maguire. 🙂

Planning and adjusting one step at a time.

I invite you to consider what you want and what you need while knowing what you already have.

For any Jerry Maguire film buffs, or Cameron Crowe junkies, I’ve provided a link to good ole Jerry’s actual mission statement. I’m going to be sipping my morning cup of Joe, and take a look at this myself, I mean really take a look, and see what one of the “Greats,” Cameron Crowe had written that did not make it to the actual final cut of the film (it’s quite long…)

Always wishing you, my audience all the greatest and best…

Professional career restoration at the forefront, as long as my mental (and physical) health remains intact, I’ll keep up with some now-and-then Porcelain Utopia blog & website rebuilding (remember back from April/May 2012 with the full database corruption?) About 500 posts still to restore, I’ve simply removed about 100 posts last night that were not as relevant to what Porcelain Utopia has come to be today, a much more welcoming and inspirational environment. Not simply every single aspect of my art, the more “erotic” posts, and the like, removed, even though such a genre is technically my trade if you can believe that! Just another side of me, a talent (perhaps? LOL!) but I’m looking to really get down to the fact that I’ll be turning 37 and with 10 years sobriety in mid-January 2013. I ask, “What next?”

I used to have an intact network and the right people/connections in place, in Hollywood and New York, but not the material itself (scripts, novels, etc.) I was still quite young and when schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder knocked everything out of place from 2006 to just about a year ago (maybe less) I put together Porcelain Utopia, did my music therapy albums on iTunes, podcasting, and with about 10 books and film scripts under my belt, one had been produced on premium cable for 2 seasons (uncredited as I was in the hospital at the time and Hollywood had “beaten me” so-to-speak)… some television pilots, a few short films and stories with minor achievements, as I kept trying to resurface mentally.

I’m doing my best now to focus on one thing at a time (as I said) and so to restore my network, now that I now have some very worthy material: writing, for example, narrowed down to 4 or 5 pieces.

I’m about to begin yet another journey.

The material wealth which allows me and my current family to live day by day, from that software patent I sometimes bring up which helped such companies as Amazon and Wal-Mart do what they do today. I was only 15 years old at the time, and sure it was a brilliant idea, implementing what would play a large part of the online shopping experience we still enjoy and utilize today. My proceeds then invested in the initial public offering of Google stock, which I still own today, just that my family still doesn’t trust me with such a large amount of money. They took it over and there’s simply nothing I can do about it. So I’m revising my mission.

Hey I was a kid then. I am still a kid in many ways, yet perhaps I’m unintentionally not allowing that part of my soul to shine outwards, but definitely internally, so here I come.

Keep up with more updates not necessarily posted on this blog itself on Porcelain Utopia related Facebook pages. I’ll always be around, and often happy to interact, if I am not busy (which is rare) or enjoying personal time.




*On my personal Facebook page, let’s agree, we can always feel free to hide or un-friend if things are not mutually friendly, but I pretty much post similar material on each of these pages overall.

Jerry’s Mission Statement:



Jonathan Harnisch


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