Applied Metacognition: The Best Day of My Life

Today [again] is the Best Day of my Life—

Plain & Simple

Was it yours? 

(New JH site in the works…)

The day began with my Tweet from

that read with an LOL:

“Today is the best day of my life. It just happens to stink”

I described to my therapist how I, once again turned the negativity around 100% to complete positivity. I have discovered through him that the process or the  ‘medical term’ which describes the way I made it from hell and back over the course of 24 hours might be referred to as MetaCognition or simply metacognition:

“Knowing about knowing”

Domino’s Pizza and a movie with my terrific new friend from town in celebration of  the day!

In the meantime, NAMI [the National Alliance on Mental Illness] has now endorsed (if that’s the right word?) both  Porcelain Utopia and The Real Me podcast. It brought in a few million hits within an hour basically.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Only other update as I am very short on time with company arriving any minute: I received an “urgent” call from my General Practitioner (Primary Doctor) as soon as my blood work-up results came back, and testing, which I have done every few months due to the face that I am technically Diabetic though I have lost 85 of the 100 pounds I had gained, and since “reversed” my blood levels, yet, what could be any more urgent than the fact that I have too much of… 100% pure filtered distilled water in my system (thus washing out the sodium levels in my system)–so they are of course suggesting that I stop drinking as much water as I do.

10 years ago, it was alcohol, LSD, and crack cocaine, then caffeine, and now… only water! The doctor actually advised (and she is one of the highest rated in the state) that I actually add more Hot Pockets (junk food) and Slim Jims to my diet for the time being.

So I have an addiction and thus have overdosed on… water!

It’s too bad there are no “WA” (Waters Anonymous) meetings I can attend. Huh?

This is THE BEST WORST NEWS I have ever heard about my health!

Today is [by far] the Best Day of My Life!

Again, is it yours?

Good evening (or day) to all of you!



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