Jonathan Harnisch’s Porcelain Utopia Audience Response


Jonathan Harnisch & Porcelain Utopia Audience Response

To My Wonderful Friends,

Here on Twitter’s Famous #FF Follow Friday, mine goes to:

Official Twitter Page of a Community Mental Health Nurse on a mission to improve the world of psychiatry with 20 Commandments for Mental Health Workers

Her outstanding blog:

Thank you so kindly. I am humbled for listing a terrific thread on‘s forum:

As you said, “Wow!”—Indeed! What a Blessing!



I’m amazed by this thread, this true gift. I’m humbled. Truly so.

Also to: Edgar Allan! #FF

Edgar is not “just another person.” He’s awesome! He just wants to be heard. And I hear him. Edgar Rocks! Unique and Different – That’s Rare!

I just stumbled upon what he wrote and I’m blown away – How cool of Edgar!

‘Nurse’ [Tamar] posted the original link while I had no idea. Such a kind gesture. Thank you so very much!

Porcelain Utopia is a well thought out website that breaks the boundaries of commentary about schizophrenia I found. It is a living breathing document or blog that inspires to lead us to inquire about the illness and both provides us supportive feedback as well as helpful solutions to coping mechanism that Mr. Harnisch has found valuable. I also like the medium, which he has given which is of a higher respect for recovery and faith to those who suffer, and seems to bust stigmas through his personal stories.”


“Well worth the read on April 5th. Just a piece of what the blog post is about. Telling his story about what the schizophrenia experience is. He takes note that “The further and further we might or might not be drawn deeper into a full blown psychosis—it’s just baffling, to say the least—complex and disorganized, yet to us, we might believe wholeheartedly that our delusions are real, based on facts, yet, facts that are not correct to others without the illness.” I know that hits a real hard place with some who haven’t realized what psychotic perceived realities are and what the differences are to perceptions of others whom may be a little closer to a realistic frame of mind, but I like the passage anyhow.”

Thank You! 

This Means the World to Me

Jonathan Harnisch

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