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Restored Post from December 15, 2011

Dear Readers and Listeners, Audience on this Stage of Life Online:

The Real Me Podcast:

Already a little hit on iTunes and Podbean. Now and New: The U.K. has syndicated the ‘Cast!

Working on a new 6-9 month long film on Schizophrenia in the meantime. Lots to learn and grow, restart and re-establish… Making it happen. As always, The Real Me Podcast, the writing, music, all is running smoothly.

Feeling pretty darn good these days. Rolling with the manic/depression, and just being schizophrenic–laughing, learning, loving–being myself and being 100% OK with myself. I am knowing more and more who I am, what values I hold… beliefs, and changes, adjustments I want (or not). I like what I see.

Been shooting film (well, High Definition Video) a bit in secrecy, as I have been unable to do anything with the footage (fried fuse in camera…long story). Two years of seeking an alternative to fixing camera/computer etc., professionally so I learned myself–took 2 years to learn what I have done. Give it a year and I’ll have some fantastic new media–all around. Coming up. Reaching out. Being myself.

All is well.

Jonathan Harnisch

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