F@#king Wonderland Documentary Trailer


This is the 1-minute trailer for the original film documenting my descent into madness in 2009 through the hope and courage it took to stabilize in 2011.

The 1 minute trailer for a film Jonathan Harnisch has been working on over the years documenting his real-life struggle with schizophrenia… Hope, courage and resiliency to recover in 2011.

Jonathan Harnisch


5 responses to “F@#king Wonderland Documentary Trailer”

    • Wow! That means so much to me Shawn. It’s been quite a struggle, but continue to keep everything positive and authentic. This means so much to me that you saw some of what I do, and took the time to comment. I’ve been really missing you over the years, looking all over for you. We had such great times together–you have always been one of my true best friends, ever since that good old 7th grade French class! Much love and peace for the holidays. So glad we’ve reconnected. Means the world to me, Shawn. -J


  1. Amazing Jonathan…. I can’t wait to see the real thing. I’m happy to have found you again. Not many can turn around their life like you have. i wish you health and happiness.


    • Nicole, thank you so much–it took me years and 700 hours of footage which I lost over those years, but I kept the hope and strength alive. Still have my down days–doesn’t everybody?The daily struggle is something that I own and take responsibility for. Peace of mind is always what I’m after, even when all else is, or seems, lost and forgotten. I’m glad we reconnected, too. Facebook has made all that possible, reconnecting to good ole friends when never thought possible before. I am well, overall–the last year in particular. I hope you are, also. Again, thank you for this–for it all. The film is being shopped around currently, though not in LA anymore where I did film & TV work and had certain contacts I no longer have, but we’re going to make it happen!


  2. OMG!!! J I cannot wait to see it!!! Please keep us posted when it comes out. It looks absolutely amazing!!! To give a perspective from your heart and mind to the world is a rare thing for others to see and experience. This is truly positive and beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. =o]


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