Words Really Matter

Now That’s What I Call Love!

This Morning’s E-Mail to My Darling Wife—We’re Pictured Above—Today!

Dear Readers,

…And today is yet again, the best day of my life, and will only continue to get even better…

Good Morning Baby,

How are you feeling?

Please keep me posted on your well-being and feelings. I care and I love you, and not to worry or anything about me, I can take care of my appointment with Dr. F, [psychiatrist] the meds we do (or don’t) (…I mean change) I only have good thoughts about you. I have possibly two projects–a video and audio project, likely a podcast; and possibly a 3rd written (Porcelain Utopia blog). And have good direction from Darlene—[spiritual advisor—Guru!]—and all else, even you! So, chin up, honey! OK? Just feel your feelings, good and bad, maybe read some good old Pema! Pema Chodron, of course! 🙂 She’s good for this stuff you’re going through, and I can surely recommend other authors and things if you’d ever like me to, given a certain subject in the self-help/inspiration/emotional times, kind of things.

As for me, I’ve got this overall/underlying “emotional disregulation” in which basically Marsha Linehan has, in the last couple of years or so, revised the same DBT therapies which had been initially intended for self-harm and other conditions to the Borderline patient, but now even in The New York Times, recently, it was written up how the basically same DBT model, is actually stretching out, and proving to help/guide those with a much broader gamut of mental health conditions, especially the affective disorders, anxiety, and Sz, etc. Dr. K [CBT therapist] summed up my life (the good and “bad“) as I had asked him; it seems and is fact, that all my past, and all my Sz is still there inside, essentially masked by the medication, so that, “Hey what is the ‘root’?” Because I don’t think I need to actually spend a lifetime every therapy session going through each topic, good and bad (that was the key, not just the bad)—that I was certain that psychology had a root, an ‘answer.'”

Dr. K’s eyes widened and he said “Ah! I know exactly what it is your saying and looking for and I think I have the answer.” So it’s an “emotional disregulation” and as to not dive right into it, but to just look it over, simple and easy, and not that I have to nor even should go to yet another outpatient program, just that Marsha Linehan had refined the DBT to help with this all-encompassing life stuff, especially when I just want “pause life” (I mention this just to mention, not to suggest to you and not to get into ‘about me,’ yet to inspire you that all these life issues have possible answers/guides).

Honey, sometimes the best “medicine” is free, and that could mean your alone time, even your own “pausing of life” but also you have me and to me that is the “overall.”

Loving you… 

Having just woken up, and not expecting to have written you such a long note, I hope I might have touched you, so that you know I care and love you deeply.

Jonathan ❤

Reply From My Lovely Wife:


This wonderful email deserves a much much longer response, so let me grab a cup of coffee and a quick shower, and I’ll respond…

Thank you for being so available. I love you more than words can tell. My love for you is incredibly incredibly deep.

I have Linehan’s book on DBT if you or Dr. K would like it. It’s an honest-to-god textbook written for practitioners. I believe she had pushed for the term emotional disregulation instead of borderline personality disorder.

Words Really Matter

And you know, she herself suffered from borderline or emotional disregulation.

I love you. Off I go to my shower and coffee.



PS: I’m seriously considering buying 2 small goats, who could keep us weed free. Ideas?

Now That’s What I Call Love!


Jonathan Harnisch

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