Weever Apps: Throwing A Terrific Contest!

Friends, fans and fellow-bloggers:

Got some great news for those who also blog or have a colleague who does!


Wanted to let you all know that my good friends at Weever Apps are throwing a contest for 45 days to celebrate their one-year anniversary!



Weever’s been a huge part of the successes on the mobile version of Porcelain Utopia. I share this opportunity not as an advertisement, I’m not “getting paid” or anything; it’s a great opportunity for my friends and fans who also blog!


Porcelain Utopia on Weever Apps Mobile:



Over 30 Million Hits In The Matter Of A Few Months!


Take a look for yourself!

How to Get 26 Million Hits in Less Than a Year


I recommend entering for terrific opportunity;  if not, please help get the word out to anyone who might have an interest. I and surely the folks at Weever Apps would greatly appreciate it! You will, too!


More Info:

Weever Apps


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Jonathan Harnisch

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