Jonathan Harnisch and Porcelain Utopia Facebook Pages

To All Jonathan Harnisch and Porcelain Utopia Friends and Fans, Porcelain Utopia has a Facebook Page now and is growing nicely. To all via Facebook who already like the Porcelain Utopia Blog &Website page, thank you. I hope continue to offering great material. To those of you on Twitter and other networks, I just wanted you to know the whereabouts of this page, and invite you to Like it. The feed runs through Twitter, too, at least for now, and there are numerous other pages for other JH outlets:

Porcelain Utopia Blog & Website:

The Real Me With Jonathan Harnisch iTunes: Podcast:

Demystifying Mental Illness From The Perspective Of A Survivor With Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective, PTSD, Personality Disorder-NOS, and Tourette’s Syndrome

Peace of Mind, Humor & Self-Help/Inspirational Podcast


Schizophrenic & Caregiver Band:

Hip Hop Music Fan?

Evoking Shock and Laughter by a “Certified Schizophrenic and His Caregiver

“Schizophrenic & Caregiver” is just that: Jonathan Harnisch is a Certified Schizophrenic and severe Touretter. His primary Caregiver inspired him to produce what he does as a means of music therapy. Jonathan does it for one reason: Fun! And with the hope that he can overcome the illnesses he has which would otherwise haunt him to hell 24/7. Jonathan Harnisch’s musical interests: old school rap to 80s pop and Mozart. Jonathan’s favorite quote: “Let’s just forget the stigma and be friends!”

The Hot Club:

The Hot Club is a Private Members Only Hang-Out for Friends and Fans of Local Resident of Corrales, NM, Jonathan Harnisch, of Porcelain Utopia and The Real Me.

But All Are Invited!

Let’s shoot for 25+ Likes!

The home of Jonathan Harnisch and Porcelain Utopia see the video: 

Jonathan Harnisch: Literary


Jonathan Harnisch’s novel series and new writings and updates on publications, etc.


To connect. To communicate. To elicit emotion.

Porcelain Utopia Novel Series and other Transgressions:

Babydude Press:

Jonathan Harnisch’s Updates on the Written Word

Jonathan Harnisch Film Works:

Harnisch Productions:

About: Film Production, Publishing and Website Development

Description: Temporarily in flux due to limited funding. Ancillary company of Fat Man Media founded by husband and wife team, Jonathan Harnisch and Maureen Cooke-Harnisch in 2008. Flagship film, “On the Bus” won numerous awards and accolades.


Lastly, for now… The “PU Gang” FB Group:

The Porcelain Utopia Gang!

All for Fun and Joy!

Let’s Get Connected and Grow Together!

-Jonathan Harnisch

Porcelain Utopia


About Jonathan Harnisch

Author | Mental Health Advocate | Schizophrenia | Artist | Blogger | Podcast Host | Patent Holder | Hedge Fund Manager | Film & TV Producer | Musician
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