Porcelain Utopia: Update – 22 June 2012


’empowering inner resiliency’


To My Absolutely Wonderful Audience:

As I call it a night for now, I must say I am Proud of myself. Just coming from an evacuation from a local wild fire, and an even-otherwise enormously stressful past 72 hours of, well, a programming/coding “nightmare” that had occurred leaving Porcelain Utopia seemingly destroyed, for the most part; you could see it was offline for some time with a corrupted database and files I had to re-create 100% on my own; I did it! The Porcelain Utopia [PU] Blog & Website is officially back, alive and mostly intact!

You were all so amazing to me through all my “outlets,” from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, e-mail and all others; thank you beyond words—for your patience as our home was ultimately left unburned by the infamous Corrales, NM fire the other day. You kept me going, strongly and with ease-on-self; also mindful. So many of you wished me safety and prayers, and the motivation to both do my best with the fixes on Porcelain Utopia, and suggesting to leave it be when it became too stressful. I kept at it, and I continue. Your patience as I re-built the site—it was a real “test” of what I could lose in life, and what I was willing to give up, between my homes (we have two here); the things and work inside them, and my ‘other life’—this: Porcelain Utopia, which simply means the world to me.

I can hardly believe the work I put into PU’s restoration these last three days. Basically, without getting too technical, I had to first figure out what had happened, and then re-code and re-configure the entire database and its files—in other words, the entire website needed a re-do—80 GB of files and data. All that’s left to “fix” at this point, coming up on 9:00 PM, in New Mexico, are most of the several hundred media files, mostly images have which have been deleted; this being  part of the strangest occurrences which struck me with a sense of possible loss of, literally all that I do with my life, from my offline, real-life/home potentially on the line of destruction, while I was in refuge at a nearby hotel until the Bosque fire was finally contained enough, onto my online life, here, nearly gone without much trace, yet enough to get what I could back.

I will do my best to get all else I might be able to, or not, back up on here, slowly and easy-going. Though it’s actually more complicated than it sounds, and will likely involve my having to remove/delete some now-empty posts completely as I unfortunately do not save every little thing I put up there on PU elsewhere. That’s what part of the “problem” was—what was saved had been corrupted. Ah, Porcelain U’s most popular, “Innocent Letters to God” post—will have to be re-done completely, for example.

Thank you so very much for your patience.

–In the clear now, for the most part with only some unsalvageable items. I learned a great deal from all of this—all that has happened these last 72 hours, not just about programming and code, but about the things I could leave behind (from the fire) if I had to; also what I am able to change and where to compromise—so much learning, and empowering my inner resiliency with this perpetual illness of schizophrenia, the most outstanding of all the other conditions I’ve got—!

So much Love and Gratitude to and for All of YOU!

Sincerely—to the greatest audience one could imagine having, and so dedicated

That means you…

Thank You for sticking around!

-Jonathan Harnisch


Porcelain Utopia

About Jonathan Harnisch

Author | Mental Health Advocate | Schizophrenia | Artist | Blogger | Podcast Host | Patent Holder | Hedge Fund Manager | Film & TV Producer | Musician
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