Jonathan Harnisch Film Documentaries on Schizophrenia

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Sz Documentary Films

by Porcelain Utopia’s Jonathan Harnisch

[formerly of Fat Man Media and Harnisch Productions]:


I am Jonathan

The Shattered Stained Glass

The 1-minute trailer for a film Jonathan Harnisch has been working on over the years documenting his real-life struggle with schizophrenia.

Here’s the full original cut, always being worked on as you’ll see as more films open up, i.e. “I am Jonathan,” and more to come.

I am Jonathan

More Jonathan Harnisch/Porcelain Utopia Schizophrenia Films are in the making. Look out for the possibility of a full sereis of Jonathan’s ongoing daily struggle with Sz and his continued resiliency and passion for his search for self and meaning.

The Shattered Stained Glass [Cryptic Cut]

Jonathan’s keeping up with maintaining Porcelain Utopia, The Daily Dose (online newspaper), The Real Me podcast, the musical band with Schizophrenic & Caregiver, and The Collected Writings of Jonathan Harnisch, an 800 page series called “The Dreamer Sleeps without Dreaming.” Jonathan’s forthcoming “Lover in the Nobody” is set for publication in 2013.

Jonathan’s online and free-to-all personal diaries covering the span of one full year in a state of psychosis back in 2006 is being transcribed. The 500 page, handwritten journals were never intended for publication of any sort but, as Jonathan opens up, what is in the past, stays there, and yet again, more of his story unfolds–sometimes evoking laughter, sometimes shock and elation, as well as tears, both the good tears, and the “bad.”

Jonathan Harnisch

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