Letting Porcelain Utopia Go

UPDATE: March 29, 2012

Twitter: @jwharnisch


“I’m considering letting my 1-year-old “baby” Porcelain Utopia: http://www.jharnisch.com/ go. I’ll keep it online but going from 225,000-1 Million hits/day to 50-200. It feels like I perhaps lost my momentum? April 1st will be 1 year. 26,000,000 + change hits. But either way, it’s fair enough. Did well. Hard to let go, but health seems to be declining as well. Love to you all.”

Jonathan Harnisch

P.S. Already, I’ve been receiving many comments, Twitter DMs, Facebook PMs and e-mails since posting this on Twitter earlier this morning, reaching quite a number of you. Thank you, I will do my best; maybe to just slow it down a bit. I might benefit, in this case, to simply take care of myself first, if that makes sense, before Porcelain Utopia.

Warm regards to all of you…


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