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I just wanted to write an article, a blog post, as I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the traffic I have been able to drive to Porcelain Utopia via the mobile app in just under a month (thus far in March: 10 million hits). It’s phenomenal. And it really boils down to the fact that Weever provides a free app service that does have professional [paid] subscriptions, available, but as many of you, my following here on porcelainutopia.com / jharnisch.com might feel that your own personal website could use a better following, increased audience, or revenue, even just easier access to a WordPress-powered site on mobile devices—I have learned through other free services like Google Analytics that most of my readers these days log on to my website on mobile devices.

While I personally don’t care much for going on the web on my iPhone, I felt I owed it to my audience (and owing no money to Weever Apps, which helped;  I am extremely low on personal finances) but once I saw my site on my iPhone for the first time, I thought, “Whoa! It’s not auto-formatted for mobile devices as I thought it would have been like with Blogger and some other free websites. I ran a quick search on Google, for a plugin for WordPress that would provide an easier-to-read interface on mobile devices, and bang! There was Weever (http://weeverapps.com/) and it was free to try, so I tried it. I love it!

Having had programming skills since the second grade on the old Commodore PET computer, Weever requires no programming skills, and it literally took me 5 minutes, tops to set the whole mobile site up, mobile-friendly, and free, as is my art, and all that I do, I imported the ShareThis (http://sharethis.com/) plugin—again, seriously easy, and both companies provide outstanding customer service, if needed. Combined, these services have helped me incredibly as on occasion I will have a few questions, and with my illnesses, like Tourette’s and schizophrenia, it’s often difficult for me to get a sentence out, or communicate (on the phone, for example). I prefer email and both services have email support, with nearly instant response time. I wanted the option (and free!) to allow my audience to share my material across the web, and as it turns out most of my audience, comes from StumbleUpon: (http://www.stumbleupon.com) “the easiest way to discover new and interesting web pages, photos and videos across the Web”—via mobile devices, thus through Weever—

Often Porcelain Utopia will receive 225,000 hits with an average page view per hit being 5+. I think that it’s likely because I post material about so many different parts of me, artistically, whether it’s just a quote, a photo, a novel, song, movie, or a written blog. But the key, for me is to not be focused on the hits—it’s a matter of creative expression, and that being said I present my honesty and just ‘lose the fear’ of how my audience might respond, or not. I’m usually pleasantly surprised, the more honest I am, I’ll often think, ‘Oh this is not ‘good’,”but I post such material anyway, and as they say, you never know what’s going to go ‘viral’—so I’m guessing that Weever has their own analytics service, but whatever the case I thought I owed it to the team at Weever to tell them thank you, you, with all the other free and easy-to-use services, from WordPress itself, to StumbleUpon, ShareThis and Google Analytics—If you want a site with an audience, while all I had wanted at first was to express myself, maybe reach just one person, and now I have over 25 million hits here on Porcelain Utopia and it’s not even been a year. I speak honestly, I use Twitter—over 12,000 followers (again Twitter is free, Facebook, and Google+, too–)

I just do what I do and Weever etc., has helped make it a cinch, altogether. To those who want a well-read site, who have perhaps have little or no experience, be honest and “real” in what you post—do your research, of course, learn from the pros, as they say, and use what’s already there—as most of it is free, at least to try! Weever, you are “responsible” for this last successful month, of “Wow!” hits, in particular.

I’m thinking I’ll write you through customer support and let you know about this post, as I am likely going to be “endorsing” (if that’s the right word)—giving thanks and due to my large audience now, to give a public thumbs up! to those (people, non-profits, and companies) who deserve it, and Weever definitely does!

Weever, if you do read this. Thanks so much! It does seem you are pioneering this mobile WordPress site phenomenon! As I often say these words, “You Rock!”

P.S. Just so you know, (Weever) if you would like to use this blog post, in any way—I’m a writer, but not ‘the Best Writer in the World’—if you feel this blog post could help your company get into the hands of other bloggers, please feel 100% free to share or use my words, in your ads. There’s no need to hide my name, etc., you did not ask me to blog anything about you—so I, too, hope this was “OK” that I even mentioned you, I just though I’d give credit where credit is due! And well, it’s overdue! Thanks again!


Jonathan Harnisch

Porcelain Utopia

Porcelain Utopia


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Author | Mental Health Advocate | Schizophrenia | Artist | Blogger | Podcast Host | Patent Holder | Hedge Fund Manager | Film & TV Producer | Musician
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