Restored Post February and March 2012




Bottom Line: Porcelain Utopia has almost zero storage left.

All my programming, removal of all tags, emptying files, caches, etc. did basically nothing to help speed up the site. No Meta tags, ugh, but I love a good challenge and I’m on it this morning! Hope it’ll speed up etc., soon. Will likely not be able to post new material until then. Even when I log in, it takes a good minute per anything I do on the admin board. Cleared out all the spam… It’s going to be just fine! In time!

I’ll move this post down from the top when Mission is Complete. Until then, log on, have fun, be inspired, and search me on the Net as I am beginning to remove my name from certain projects, like my band name and things–perhaps some additional pseudonyms for my work and writing… Had put my name everywhere at first just to get me out there but enough with that, as my art will “sell” itself, even if for free! As I tweeted this morning to 12,000 followers:

My whole life is “public info” had too much of the closing in stuff… even rough drafts of my most brutal novels are avail and free online–kind of like ‘hey world, I am who I am. Love me, hate me, be indifferent, but take it or leave it-what ya see is what ya get.’ pretty simple…perhaps naive/perhaps even nihilistic… I am happy with who I am and what I’ve got and what I don’t, and what I lost. At least this at this very moment. Anyway, I’ve got to get onto my data storage issue with a.s.a.p. But I should just start quoting myself, instead of others–Original/Independent/Only a Small “Lucky Few” to quote Stendhal might end up “Getting” the whole Who is Jonathan H. (Angel? “Demon”? Human?)–

Off I Go and Here I Come…


Jonathan Harnisch


Dear Readers,

Thank you for all your support and visits here on Porcelain Utopia.

It has taken me months to figure out the code and programming required to speed up the load time which I HAVE been aware (the very slow load time.) No sections of the site should be affected, I sure hope!  🙂 but I’m just about to begin this day-long project, if not longer than a day… I sure hope this will drastically increase the load time and thus the speed of this site, so just please bear with me, but I’m working on it–at last.

I THINK and HOPE I’m doing the ” right thing ” on the server. All is backed up, so worst comes the worst, the load time and speed will remain the same but by tomorrow, Porcelain Utopia should run a bit better, at least and at last!

Enjoy your visit, feel free to share things and search around… This is a full time job. My other full time job is the “coping with schizophrenia” but I laugh at that today! You are all rocks of support, just by being there. You have no idea.

I’ve embedded The Real Me Podcast series through Episode 68 (from yesterday) for you, though I’m sure most of you would rather read than listen but, nonetheless, it’s Sunday, The Best Day of My Life! Yes! So I’m about to embark on this project now, so I wanted to stop by and let you know what’s going on 🙂

Yours with Sincerity,

Jonathan Harnisch

Jonathan Harnisch

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