Q & A: The Dreamer Sleeps Without Dreaming

012—to traditionally published in 2013

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The Revealing Writing Therapy, As-Is, During Jonathan Harnisch’s Last Psychotic Break


Metaphor Into The Mind, of Love, Obsession and Schizophrenia

The Dreamer Sleeps Without Dreaming

Premiere Transgressive Literature Series


Noted Author and Screenwriter Jonathan Harnisch

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The various works of author and screenwriter Jonathan Harnisch have been noted as some of the most original and thought-provoking of modern day.


Introducing a new and crisp, manic tone to the field of transgressive literature. The novel series The Dreamer Sleeps Without Dreaming originally “Porcelain Utopia” details the consciousness of Benjamin J. Schreiber, a trust fund baby with an addiction problem, a constellation of lurid sexual fetishes that shrink into petrified silence in the presence of actual women, and a half-dozen psychiatric disorders ranging from Tourette’s syndrome to schizoaffective disorder. When the drifting, thirty-something writer is taken into police custody for trying to rob a non-cash bank with a threateningly brandished cell phone, his father pulls some strings that land him in court-appointed therapy. Ben’s therapy brings to light the alter ego of Georgie Gust, for whom Ben’s conceptualized a parallel life that both mirrors and channels his own turmoil. With the help of his therapist, Dr. C, Ben navigates the layers of Georgie’s existence, peeling away pieces of his own history, which begins to emerge with a disturbing clarity.

Appendix: Final Q & A Session between Benjamin J. Schreiber and Dr. C

Well, okay then, Dr. C. If you’re so smart, and you think you know everything, let me ask you a question: What does Georgie Gust really want?
That’s a simple question, Ben. I can give you a simple answer. You see, Georgie Gust, like countless other American men of his psychological profile, weight, age, and character type, simply wants to find a perfect and flawless, beautiful and untouched, pure woman whom he can worship and adore while writhing and groveling at her feet. Someone he can love with his entire soul while she treats him like dirt.
You mean like Claudia Nesbitt, Doc?
Or maybe it’s like Georgie Gust‘s idea of Claudia Nesbitt. You see, Ben, because no actual sweating, breathing, menstruating woman could ever possibly hope to live up to Georgie Gust‘s supreme stereotype and highly repressed sexual fantasy of his ideal woman, Georgie Gust is subconsciously obsessed, and compulsively driven, by the unspeakable need to desecrate, defile and compel the perfectly beautiful woman – to submit to his self-punishing, psychological abuse, and sometimes to actual physical torture, so that he can feel superior to her and make her what he wants her to be. You see, Ben, just like you, Georgie Gust
Whoa, whoa, now! Wait a minute there Doc; let’s not get personal. I’ve got another question for you.
Okay, Ben. Go ahead. Shoot.
What I want to know is this, Doc – if you’re such a psycho-guru and know-it-all shrink, and have such keen insight into the male character, why don’t you tell me: What does “Famous Amos” Daedalus really want?
That’s another simple question, Ben. I can give you a simple answer – in a nutshell. You see, Ben, like countless other sexually repressed, emotionally frustrated, and secretly homosexual American men, “Famous Amos” simply wants to create his own supremely idealized stereotype, and subconscious sexual fantasy, of the perfect woman who will embody his sublimated and spiritual ideal, and still submit to his disgusting, pornographic fantasies.
Wait a minute! Okay. Yeah, I get it Doc. So you’d say, Doc, that because Amos can’t ever really find some perfectly beautiful woman, or flawlessly pure babe to live up to his sublimated sexual fantasies or spiritual ideal, or whatever – then he tries to make a perfectly beautiful, flawlessly pure and ideal woman by carving her out of wax and making her into a department-store window-display, or wax museum manikin, or something?
You got it, Ben.  However, not even a perfectly beautiful display-window manikin or flawlessly pure wax-museum sculpture can ever hope to live up to Amos’ perfectly sublimated stereotype and highly repressed sexual fantasy. Amos, like Georgie Gust, is subconsciously obsessed and compulsively driven by the unspeakable need to desecrate and defile, to debase and mortify – even his own supremely beautiful stereotypes and flawlessly pure images of the department store-manikin or the wax museum sculpture.
To shit on her, you might say, eh, Dr. C?
Right, Ben. So, like Georgie Gust, and maybe like you, Ben, he can prove to himself how superior he is to those mere sweating, breathing, and menstruating mortal women. He can then reign supreme as the sublime creator-god, and highly spiritualized wax sculpture artist, within his own private universe and fantasy world of the wax museum.
Well, you know, Doc – I have to admit you have a point, there. It seems like you know Georgie Gust and “Famous Amos” pretty well, now, don’t you?
You know them, too, Ben – even if you want to admit it.
Hey now, knock it off, Doc! It’s nothing personal, you see?
Sorry, Ben. I’ll be good now.
Good enough. Because you see, Doc, I have one more question for you. What I want to know, Doc, is this: What does Claudia Nesbitt really want?
Well now, Ben, that’s a little more difficult, isn’t it? But you know, Ben, despite the fact that Claudia Nesbitt is a pretty complicated character (and maybe she isn’t just one woman, but an amalgamation of a bunch of women – all lumped together into one), I really think I can give you a fairly simple answer to that question.
Okay, Doc – go ahead, shoot. But watch where you’re pointing that thing, will you?
You see, Ben, Claudia Nesbitt, like Georgie Gust, like “Famous Amos,” and maybe even like you, Ben-
Aw, c’mon! Get off it, Doc!
—Like everybody else in the whole human world, Ben, Claudia Nesbitt really just wants to be loved. Loved wholly and completely, for who she is as a real, live, sweating, breathing, and menstruating woman. Complete with her flaws and imperfections, complaints and complexes, with all her cruelty and perversity, her craziness and insecurity – and despite the fact that she really is something of-
A bitch! Isn’t she, Doc? I mean, she’s-
—A difficult woman to live with. Just like we all are.
Even me, Doc?
Women and men—even you, Ben.
But nobody can ever really give us the complete and unconditional love we want, huh Doc? Except maybe our mothers-
So, we get stuck in these self-destructive, abusive relationships and failed marriages. We do hateful, hurtful things to each other and just repeat the same stupid psychodramas over and over again.
Like Georgie Gust and Claudia Nesbitt?
Right, Ben.
So do you really think, Doc-?
Think what, Ben?
We could just snicker and chortle and snort.
And chuckle and snigger-
And laugh our way out of it?
And smile through our tears-
And the whole thing would just disappear?
And the whole world would be a paradise – a heaven on earth.
And we’d all be perfectly beautiful and perfectly sane human beings?
It’d be worth a try, wouldn’t it?
Okay, Doc. Here it goes-
One, two, three…
Ha, ha, ha…
And he, he…

The End

Jonathan Harnisch


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