The Porcelain Utopia Series

Dear Readers,

The Transgressive Fiction Novel Porcelain Utopia will begin posting, bits at a time, on 11 December 2011 and the series of these blog posts will end on 012.

This project is my way, my [perhaps not best] decision of switching up the gears a bit–more like, a lot.

The series includes some very explicit material I have written while living through and coping with a severe psychotic break, from 2005 to 2006. It is fiction. Thoughts. My way out of the psychosis.

For similar literature, some less explicit, and some even more ‘transgressional,’ see the Pages on the Main Menu for Living Colorful Beauty and Lover in the Nobody (my personal favorite).

I will be posting more inspirational memoirs and other positive-minded works, but a warning that beginning tomorrow, I will be opening up a rather “old” door into my darker writing. I have some fear of this change, but rest assured, I do know that my more helpful blogs and work, have and had been working for me, and for us. I might be, in a way, impatiently self-sabotaging by exposing this fictional art; I feel alone with it. So love me, hate me, or ignore the posts ahead. I am an artist at heart. I need to express all sides of the angel-demon-human dichotomy of Jonathan Harnisch.

I’m running with this, regardless of any negative feedback and whatever reader response I do or do not receive.

While the detail is fictional, my art is true.

True art. Real art.

It is art, and while writing, especially art that is so explicitly raw and transgressive–about sex, incest, rape… things like that, if you have any PTSD or similar illness, what will follow through the 16th of Feb. could cause some negative feelings/memories to surface.

As I present this all to the public, I warn: it is much different than my usual material, though it’s been published on the Net for the last year or so, just not directly here on these blog posts for Porcelain Utopia–Let me tell you, it’s ‘way the fuck out there.’

All of it is inherently a part of me–only a part–and as an artist, I simply need to share, though perhaps not within the best choice, using this particular venue.


The Literature Page and other pages on this site, and on Scribd– even Google–my work has been circulating–both my civic minded material [angel] to the darkest of transgressions [demon]. I feel it’s time to publish right here. One has to take chances in Life, and with all the fear of judgement and criticism, I need to give this a shot [human].

Thank you for understanding…


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