Getting Out of the Funk through Art

Yes, working on some new art to escape the “36 Chambers” [to quote Wu-Tang!] Just laid down some laid back vocals and remixed a new 3D Remix Demo of Schizophrenic & Caregiver’s “Tragic Backyard” from the ‘New Sunday’ Album:


Here’s some literature, music, and film stuff I’d like to share: Each are available on the “Pages” on the right side of the page, as well, plus, please visit Schizophrenic & Caregiver on Facebook, and Like it if you like it!

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Best Lesbian Love Stories 2010 (Anthology)

True Love is unforgettable. Once it finds its way into our lives, it takes us on exciting new adventures and transforms our lives forever. Best Lesbian Love Stories collects the year’s top 17 tales of lesbian love. Whether it’s the butterflies that accompany a high school crush, the longing and final contact with the girl next door, a chance encounter among strangers that blossoms into sudden sexual intimacy or the enduring connection of long term partners, the stories n this collection are tender, passionate and hot.


Sexiest Soles: Erotic Stories About Feet and Shoes (Anthology)


Delight in that delicious touch of steely stilettos … delicate arches … black motorcycle boots … sweaty size twelves. Whether it’s the gentle massage of a foot rub, the suckling of tempting toes, or a very private pedicure, this naughty collection of fetish erotica has no trouble putting its best foot forward. Both risky and risqué, Secret Soles will make more than an imprint on your desires.

Welcome to THE FETISH CHEST. It’s that secret place you go to unleash your inner fantasy and indulge your wildest dreams. It’s that hidden place where your hungers are satiated, and your obsessions are fulfilled. It’s that forbidden place where gender is transcended and sexuality has no limits. Unlock the chest, and live your fetish.


Novel by Jonathan Harnisch


Porcelain Utopia brings a crisp, manic tone to the field of transgressive literature. The novel details the consciousness of Benjamin J. Schreiber, a trust fund baby with an addiction problem, a constellation of lurid sexual fetishes that shrink into petrified silence in the presence of actual women, and a half-dozen psychiatric disorders ranging from Tourette’s syndrome to schizoaffective disorder. When the drifting, thirty-something writer is taken into police custody for trying to rob a non-cash bank with a threateningly brandished cell phone, his father pulls some strings that land him in court-appointed therapy. Ben’s therapy brings to light the alter ego of Georgie Gust, for whom Ben’s conceptualized a parallel life that both mirrors and channels his own turmoil. With the help of his therapist, Dr. C, Ben navigates the layers of Georgie’s existence, peeling away pieces of his own history, which begins to emerge with a disturbing clarity.

Five part series, to be released soon by babydude publishing, LLC

<a title="Official Porcelain Utopia Website” href=”; target=”_blank”>


Jonathan Harnisch/Porcelain Utopia

YouTube Channel [Porcelain Utopia]:


Writer and Executive Producer

Man’s tragic fantasy:

He wanders into a wax museum on the exhibit’s last day… The museum comes alive… The mood turns steamy as different fantasies come into play.

A sobering sense of the inevitable begins to creep in … He’s getting married, but to whom?


  1. 2007 Finalist: Vine Shorts Fest Screenplay Competition, The Vine Entertainment – Staged Reading at The Promenade Playhouse, Santa Monica.
  2. 2007 First Round Qualifier: American Gem Short Screenplay Competition.



Writer and Executive Producer

Larry, alone and disheveled, carrying a purple bag and bottle of meds, walks the city streets then boards a bus, where he proceeds to disturb the passengers with his erratic behavior and verbal outbursts.

Riding the bus or disturbing the passengers – these are not Larry’s concerns, as one-by-one the passengers disappear, the bus fades from view, and Larry finds himself in the office of a psychologist, who pushes for information, asking again and again if anything “out of the ordinary” happened on the bus? But for Larry, everything – on the bus and off – is completely “out of the ordinary,” and he can’t answer. He can only remember. Endlessly.

He can only grieve:

What he had. What he lost. What he’ll never have again. And so Larry, alone and disheveled, continues to walk the streets, continues to ride the bus, where his love, his grief will be eternally entwined.


  1. Indie Film Award: Best Short Film
  2. Indie Film Award: Best Lead Actor
  3. Indie Film Award: Best Direction
  4. Indie Film Award: Best Cinematography
  5. Indie Film Award: Best Writing
  6. Accolade Award: Best Lead Actor
  7. Accolade Award: Best Direction
  8. Accolade Award: Best Editing
  9. ReelHeART Film Festival: Honorable Mention
  10. SkyFest Film Festival: 4th Place
  11. Sarasota Fringe Festival: Finalist
  12. Macon Film Festival: Finalist
  13. Bare Bones Film Festival: Finalist
  14. Kent Film Festival: Finalist
  15. Indie Film Jam: Finalist
  16. Motion Film Festival: Finalist
  17. Big Bear Lake FilmFestival: Finalist
  18. Live Interviews with the filmmakers on CBS and NBC TV


  1. The Accolade
  2. Film New Mexico
  3. Alibi Magazine
  4. Multivu
  5. Official Website



Writer, Producer, Director and Editor

After ten years of separation, former prep school sweethearts meet coincidentally and discuss their hopes and dreams together in Long Island, New York. They spend the night together but move on their own separate ways by the morning as they struggle with their own inner conflicts.


  1. 1999 Winner: Audience Award, Best Short Film, New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (arms in New York/LA (Laemmle Theatre)/Helsinki/Cannes)
  2. 1998 Official Selection: Ohio Independent Film Festival (Cleveland)
  3. 1998 Coopers (Private New York Cigar Lounge): showcased privately for former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Birthday Celebration
  4. 1998 Channel 3 TV Nantucket, Rhode Island: “Independent Film Series” – host Jack Garner
  5. 1998 Geno Geng Film Festival (Rhode Island Television Program)
  6. 1998 Drexel, Mass. Public Television Station: televised twice (AM/PM)
  7. 1998 Official Selection: Clermont Ferrand (France) Film Festival & Film Library



Executive Producer

A husband reads the newspaper while his wife prepares herself to go out to dinner with him. They talk about the news– that children have been found dead in a local park. Their daughter Maya doesn’t want her parents to leave her for the evening, and when the babysitter Anna arrives, everything seems normal–although a little creepy, and once Mom and Dad leave, the babysitter bends down to reach Maya’s gaze revealing her vampire teeth. “Want to go to the park,” she says, and the film fades out.


  1. Best Horror at New Mexico Filmmaker’s Showcase



Writer and Executive Producer


In a public restroom, the camera pans the closed doors of 4 stalls, the first has an “out of order” sign on it. We hear gaseous noise, and one by one, three musicians (a guitar player, a bass player, and a trumpet player all wearing tuxedos) flush the toilets and come out of the stalls revealing their musical instruments. Finally, the last to come out is an old lady, Pat (from the “out of order” stall). She goes to wash her hands and is shocked to find in the mirror that behind her, the three musicians, wondering where all the noise came from– herself or the musicians.



In Post-Production



In Development





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