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Thanks so much to all fans of S&C!


October 10, 2011

Utterly original, totally compelling and packed with some of the best songwriting I’ve heard in…forever…that bass/synth work on “Permanent No” is so dang funky, and love that Prince vibe to “Pound Puppies” – It all works…just superb tunes!!

-MikeWhitePresents [#3 London UK Charts]

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Re: Album “New Sunday

The NEXT LEVEL for rap music! *****

by Endgreed – May 31, 2011

“This joint is a witty, shocking, electrical socket of creative spark. To all those in the light or the dark, these words and tunes offer a mecca of escape. Put these cuts in your ear drums, your brain will thank you!”

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Re: Album “Inside”

Particle Acceleration! *****

by Endgreed – Jul 9, 2011

“Quantum leaps from the man who brought the world inside altered consciousness! Reaching enlightenment and beyond, JH packs humor, wit, and a dose of universal intelligence to all earth’s children. Half chanting monk, half old-school rapper, Harnisch creates a true landscape of originality. If you ain’t got this in your iPod, what the heck DO you have!?”

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Re: Album “Inside”

Wow! *****

by nmwriter – Jul 9, 2011

“Once again, Harnisch has hit the ball out of the park. (Allusion intended). Every song, S&C records gets better and better. I am right now listening to the newest, and it is an incredible feat. Great lyric. Great tracks. Awesome all the way around.”


March 08, 2011

“Man, you guys are so freaking funny!! Groovy as hell too!! Thanks for the laughs. The whole extension bit reminds me of High school. The black girls would get in fights, and there would be weaves everywhere. Kids would be wearing them on their belts n shit in the halls. Oh my god. ha ha ha ha!!”

Jordan Danielsen


April 20, 2011

“This is some of the coolest stuff I’ve heard!”

—Jeff Lathrop


July 05, 2011

“Dude…This is the some of the craziest stuff I’ve heard (in an awesome dope way)!! Def a unique sound that you will never hear from anyone else. Keep the dope beats and sick lyrics hot!! HAHA!! Keep in touch!!!”


Jonathan Harnisch [S&C]

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Author | Mental Health Advocate | Schizophrenia | Artist | Blogger | Podcast Host | Patent Holder | Hedge Fund Manager | Film & TV Producer | Musician
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